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I do find it curious that using Boundless Crafting Kol Huroo and Norkyna do not have ancient wood colors listed. Other t6 planets do and my understanding is that the site goes directly to the code to get the colors. This does not mean they may not be there but the site does tend to be pretty accurate.

Edit: Malurialakrib does not list an ancient wood color either. curious.

It was not there previously. There was a pretty high bounty at the time. They might have slipped it in during an update. But last I looked it still did not exist.

Some of the planets do have the wood and Boundless Crafting does not have it listed. Another example is Ice on Galan. It does exist but the color sheet above does not list it. @Stretchious was going to update his site for Galan.

When new worlds are released, a few of us scour the world and update the colour/blocks manually to the site. Occasionally we miss blocks though, so it may not be 100% accurate - but we’re always open to amendments if needed!

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Have to admit, I’ve been looking for about about 20 minutes… I’ve seen big twisted wood tree with exotic folliage, some small lustrious tree also with exotic folliage, and some weird vertical lush folliage vines, but I still have to find waxy folliage and ancient wood. :frowning:

Just like you did with the Ancient Wood on Kol Huroo. You removed it from the list on your site.

Love your site BTW.:+1:

Is this list up to date? I have a bunch of oxide grey igneous stone and can’t for the life of me remember where I got it. Was it from an exo or am I looking at an older list?


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Would that help?


i do not own this sheet but i think it’s up to date with the perm planets.

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I found it in metamorphic aulder. Not on the original list. Found it on @hababas 's list
@stretchious i didnt reolise you could look up blocks by color on your site. Thats Rad!


Hey all, just a FYI, i made a smaller version of these file and saved it in excel format so that i can be loaded on a phone using excel from either app store, interactive sheet is great and all but using it on my phone i have issues:

Im not taking credit for the creation of these, all i did was strip out the additional tabs and removed the formulas since i had issues with usability. thanks to all those that created this originally.

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The one color I have and am looking for isn’t on the list. Surprise.

Try this. Sovereign worlds have unlocked a lot of new colors

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Ah thanks Venom, definitely will. Super frustrated lol

Ha! This is amazing! Thanks!

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Funny that Google Sheets have that button at the bottom to add 1000 more rows. How did they know???! =)


That link no longer works. Is there a new location for that?

I’ve been using these to search for colors, they include sovereigns in the search and so far have been accurate:

Edit: Found instances in both those links of sovereigns that changed colors, but the color change did not get updated in the site’s database. (Detroit Rock City currently has a Bright Lime Gleam, not the Weary Violet that both sites list)


I believe it relies on planets being scanned by players to update the database