LED Block screenshot thread


How are we enjoying the new blocks folks?

Let’s get a thread going with all your best screenshots or vids - post 'em below and we’ll share our favourites.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with, this is a chance to get mega creative! I want to see disco floors, Vegas-style strips, a working blimp sign… the whole shebang!

LED Block guide here which is super helpful;


I don’t know if I can resist the temptation to create some inappropriate LED block animations…



Mine are in solid state xxxx


Not home to try out yet, but are they shapeable by chiseling?

It probably says in text somewhere, but I’m being lazy!


They were on the test server, haven’t tried in live yet


Yes you can chisel them


Posting for a friend…


@grayfrequency @majorvex



I’m not finished but this is how it looks so far. I like the addition of LEDs to the game :smiley:
My blocks are XOOO, XXOO, and OXOO

I’ll post more pics when I’m finished



Not finished yet!


The big cities are going to light up like Vegas baby!


In the Gyosha Mall, 4th shop on the right (address #29)
Skylight Forging in the Gyosha Mall


Needs more LED.


Hold my pepsi


I suddenly feel compelled to find a slot machine.


lol I’m pretty sure there’s a Boundless-Vegas out there updating right now :wink:
We aren’t a Vegas, but we aren’t done yet. :wink:

I hope @james knows that Laxus took that as a challenge.


Just a suggestion, but you should make LED doors. Similar to gleam doors except you can program them like the blocks.


I think we’re getting blinking xmas lights for the holiday event this month :smiley:


A Walken reference?! I agree. Needs more LED.


I added more LED, but there is already so much of it that its hard for it to show up in the GIF XD


I posted this in another thread as well, but I guess it can go here too … :man_shrugging: