LED block crafting GUIDE


Okay, so you want to make LED blocks (now live…) – but what do you need? Here’s a run-down!

First you need to craft the LED blocks themselves, and then you need a changer chisel to select the lighting pattern.

To craft the blocks, you’ll need the Decorative Crafting III skill, along with a refinery and bunch of spark, as follows (with Tech Crafting Epic and 12 Advanced Coils):

Single (1): Refined Gleam x 1, Any Base Metal x 2, Ancient Tech Remnant x 3, Spark x 188
Bulk (10): Refined Gleam x 8, Any Base Metal x 16, Ancient Tech Remnant x 24, Spark x 1879
Mass (50): Refined Gleam x 36, Any Base Metal x 72, Ancient Tech Remnant x 108, Spark x 9397 (20,000 spark with no power coils)

The crafting time ranges from 28s for Single, 4m 41s for Bulk and 23m 29s for Mass.

Note that the colour of the LED block will match the colour of the Refined Gleam that you use. It’s not too tricky to obtain enough materials and bulk craft the LED blocks, if you’re so minded.

Arguably, the light activation is trickier – when you craft the blocks they won’t light up at all when placed, and you need to use a changer chisel to choose from one of 16 lighting patterns. These patterns are represented in the UI by a row of four letters where X is lit up and O is not through a 4-frame animation, so XOXO is two equal flashes, while XXXX would be permanently on.

You can cycle through the 16 permutations of lighting patterns with each hit of the chisel; the 17th hit therefore would bring you back to the first pattern (which is XOOO).

To make a changer chisel you need a Centraforge and the following ingredients (maxing out skills for Forging in this example with Vitality, Power, Intelligence and Forging Epic):

  • Effect Gum x4
  • Pure Boon Compound (any of these, but the higher ones will be more efficient) x 10 or so
  • Setting Resin x1
  • A chisel (any one will do, even a copper one… EDIT: Stone also works!)

Add the chisel to the forge, then hit Begin Forging.

Next up, add your Effect Gum and activate four times. This gives you the best chance of getting the Effect result (of which Transformation I) is an example.

Then, add your Pure Boon Compound. If you’re using higher levels, you shouldn’t need as much, though if you’re using tier I you might need up to 20. You’ll see Effects appear, so keep going until you get Transformation I and you’ve locked it in (the little yellow bar maxes out and you level up that effect).

There’s only one level of Transformation, so as soon as you lock it in, you can finish up with the Setting Resin. And once you’ve done that, it will add it to the queue, and take around 20 minutes to finish.

Now you have a ‘changer chisel’ and can start using it to choose the lighting patterns on your LED blocks!

EDIT: Disco music optional; please LED responsibly.

LED Block screenshot thread
Release 209: LED Blocks, Forge++, and Oortmas!
Release 209: LED Blocks, Forge++, and Oortmas!

It’s almost time!



Nice Explanation thank you
Allready turned off by LED blocks /pun intended.
Way to much hassle for some Color effects.


Very handy! Thank you for putting it together.

Just a side note to the LED recipes above: The spark amount is based on a specific amount of power attached to the machine. For instance, the base amount of spark needed to mass craft 50 LEDS is actually 20,000 not 9,397.

Might be good to update this with the base amounts as to not confuse players who don’t have access to power yet. For the rest, the reduction is a bonus!


LED pattern: (number of hits)

  1. OOOO
  2. XOOO
  3. OXOO
  4. OOXO
  5. OOOX
  6. XXOO
  7. XOXO
  8. XOOX
  9. OXXO
  10. OXOX
  11. OOXX
  12. XXXO
  13. XXOX
  14. XOXX
  15. OXXX
  16. XXXX

btw you can see pattern name when you look at block…


This is great. I especially like the forging tutorial


Thanks for that pattern chart, all I knew was that I had to hit it 15 times to stay solid lol, gets annoying after the first ten…


Um, Is forging not guaranteed to take? I used up all my ingredients to try and make the transformation effect but it never worked. The tool’s durability gets used up really fast. Does anybody know what am I not doing correctly?


You should only be getting one boon with the effect gum on chisels as you can see here:

Granted it can vary still as it’s very rng but in most cases you should had gotten it with 4 effect gums in most of the cases.

You will need a character with the correct amount of skills but low level forging like this should not matter as much and watch some forging videos to see if you did it correctly.

The only other issue is durability as right now all non-gem chisels are the same durability and forge quality and they just have a base 800 durability so use the cheap stone ones and thus why I usually add extra on some with longevity gum also.


Just forged some stone ones with the transformation boon


Are we able to make the block itself change? Right now it has four rows of eight small squares on a single LED block, per side , are we able to change that to one large or anything else ?


Nope, it’s just one all or nothing pattern.