Let’s brainstorm new monster types

I think new monsters would get people hunting again - the lack of variety is definitely why I stopped hunting.

Maybe the devs are just having trouble coming up with new mobs - let’s brainstorm together!
I’m kind of stealing some of these mechanics from monster hunter and dauntless, haha.

I’d also be interested in seeing boss mobs. Yeah, titans eventually, but for now. Maybe the last wave on a meteor could include one gigantic version of a mob (5 blocks tall) with high HP.

Add roadrunners to meteors, but with a limited run range (they have to stay nearby)

Turtle mob: becomes invincible when it goes in its shell. It has poisonous claws that add a poison DoT effect

Octopus/squid mob: can grab you with its tentacles and pick you up then drop you. It can also shoot ink at you which covers your screen like Mario kart. A relative of cuttletrunks that is somewhat larger and looks a little different.

Ground pounder: knocks players up in the air (or temporarily stuns them) and it’s punches have mild knockback

Shock lizard: shoots out electric crystals that attach to the ground and electrocute people near the crystals until the crystals get destroyed

Fire demon: breathes fire and shoots out lava blobs that people need to clear with liquid breaker to keep the battlefield clear

Anteaters: tunnel underground and form a sand/soil vortex trap for people to fall in

Bees: flying, high damage but they die when they use their stinger

Scorpions: basic mob, has DoT poison

Wallbuilder: has no attack, but it builds 3 high walls all over the place, making a mess of the battlefield

Ice elemental: frost breath lowers your stamina as well as your HP. It leaves a trail of ice wherever it walks (so a few of these would turn a battlefield quite icy)


I don’t think they’re struggling. It has been years since we have seen hunter in the game and basher on trailers and they are not released yet.

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Who knows. And maybe they have a plan to publicize the game too. Haha :wink:

If they created new monsters they would need to create new craftable items due to the monster drops right?

Or would the new monsters drop the same types of things as the old ones.

I like the squid idea with the Mario Kart type ink splots

This would be awesome

:+1: :+1:

:open_mouth: :hammer: I wonder if this would get pure builders to attend meteors? hehe

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Flying, winged wildstock.

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With a knockback move when it beats its wings, shooting a gale forward :blush:


I want to see more interesting ways to hunt, like a grapple boon that causes the target to take 100% more axe damage…

Grapple a cuttletrunk, finish it with an axe.

Also finishing monsters off with axe damage should produce more trophy/creature specific drops or something.


How about some kind of beaver thing that can run up towers and cut your grapple and fall to your death…make it fast and super annoying.a monster u actually say “Oh no. Not one of them”


A cat-like creature that targets you specifically if you’re grappled :rofl:


Maybe a giant shark like creature for some of those long swims. Creatures in the water would be sweet.


Faaarrrr out become fish bait…haha

Please please no :laughing: nothing in the water! Or ill have to constantly carry a solidifier :frowning:

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They should call them ragerunners and they peck you


and a Great Farter, releasing poisonous gas…

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No that’s feels like at home…hahaha

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Thing is, when creating new mobs, the thing that takes the longest is the AI… there are still a few mobs they are working on, but making each of them unique takes a long time.

Not THAT long

I’d rather see existing mob variations actually behave thematically different. A fire wildstock should behave radically differently from a cold wildstock, and should be fought differently as well. As they are now, they’re just reskins of the basic wildstock with the addition of a debuff on hit.

Imagine if a fire wildstock left a burning wake, and a frost wildstock chilled everything around it, even freezing water into ice so they cant be kitted into lakes and streams. Corrosion wildstock could leave pools of caustic acid and toxic wildstock are surrounded with a vile cloud of poison. You would tackle each of these mobs differently, and when in combined forces their abilities make them truly challenging.


Some winged creatures would be nice. I think it makes sense that these scifi worlds have some sort of winged creature that does dive bomb claw attacks or can land and attack using some sort of tail swiping attack.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of acid spitting serpent creature too… Even something that’s inspired by real world spiders that shoot poison quills from its mouth but ultimately try and get close and use bite and claw attacks.

I do agree with @ctrl-64 on the AI part. Making new items, the models for the creatures and items, etc. is the hard part. The programming of the new creature’s AI is the difficult part cause it does need to bring something different to the table in terms of combat experience. Other wise it’s just going to be more brain dead Wildstock and Spitters again. The part of PvE combat that’s so boring is the late of variety and interesting mechanics in the fighting of those creatures. Even our most complex creature (Cuttletrunks) are pretty simple to understand how to fight.

The thing I would love to have is a large content update that’s solely nothing but creatures and their creature drops and crafting recipes for those items.