Let us move at full speed while creeping (but not fall off blocks)

I don’t think people use creep for anything other than building.

I’d love to be able to not fall but walk full speed while creeping. I spent 5 hours yesterday creep-building floors. Could have been 2.5 hours.


I use creeping for planting and sideways chiseling :slight_smile:
Plus there has to be SOME downside to a mode that doesn’t allow you to fall of edges (well… mostly).


Why? Not everything needs a penalty.

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This is not a creative god-mode game. There are still elements of survival. Might aswell remove walking completely and just run 24/7 in that case.


I use it sometimes to move slowly on purpose, when building or chiseling because my normal speed just won’t do it.


try to find the right mix between placing blox and walking speed. if you do it right and become a builders expert, im sure you wont fall because your walking speed aligns the building speed. if you want less walking, try to make a skeleton where you can place depending on your range a row of blocks.
So you make the outside of the 20x7 block. then walk that row of 20 placing the 5 blocks between.
is the way i build floors often when there is no ground underneath it

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It’s not comparable to creative, as soon as someone mentions some QoL improvement someone else yells: “nope, creeeeeeaaaaatiiiiveeee, nope”. DK didn’t ask to fly (in this post).

Downside is that you can’t fall of the blocks, so you can’t move freely. If you want to go block below you either have to turn it off, either jump.

I also use sneak to time placement or chiseling better. So, if this would happen it should be another mode of movement.

But most things do. Why would anyone ever choose not to creep if there wasn’t a penalty?

Why even bother having a toggle at all? Because I’m fairly certain people would toggle “don’t-fall-off blocks-mode” on full time.

If you want to move at full speed then take the risk of falling. Try the falling armor skill or a floating pie or the building safety guild buff and you can survive a fall from any height.


There’s plenty of QOL improvements that i think would be great, without turning this game into creative mode.

It’s called sneak or creep for a reason. It’s not called “full speed not walking off edges”.



I already wrote what I think is disadvantage

I find the slower speed very handy for planting crops… it would be a pain if I had to unlearn skills to move slower =/


But that’s NOT the disadvantage because that’s exactly the ADVANTAGE that DK wants. Normal speed, not falling off edges.

Not being able to “move freely” is only a disadvantage at a big stretch. It’s pretty much negligible. You can just jump instead.

Anyway, not getting into this discussion. Not worth my time. Removing slow speed at creep = bad. Fact. Adding an extra toggle instead is pointless as it’ll just replace normal run. Also bad. Those are my final thoughts on the matter.

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Thanks for being straightforward :heart:

I meant that it is disadvantage in other situations, like running over terrain, moving around in your base or whenever you are moving and need to change height to block below and there’s no slope. So, it’s not something you can keep constantly on, so, it’s not comparable to creative mode, because creative mode is god mode and not something that gives you slightly better performance while building.

I already wrote that you can jump to block below, what if that block below is block that is edge of your high build? Would you jump carelessly or toggle sneak, slowly descend and turn on sneak again? I don’t think it’s negligible, that’s an opinion :+1:

With a keyboard you can make it a hold, not a toggle. It’s a no-brainer to lift your finger if you want to momentarily stop creeping.

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I’m not sure why people who don’t build (or don’t build large builds) are so very strongly opposed to things to help builders that wouldn’t even affect them. I’m not suggesting god mode flying here.

It comes off as a bit miserly. Like “this wouldn’t help me, so I don’t want others to have fun”. But that’s just my opinion. Not meant as a dig at you guys @Sujimichi88 @wakeNbake

I would certainly invite anyone who thinks that helping builders would be too OP to spend a few hours building floors and roads with me, to give them some idea as to what I mean. Not as a dis but as a way to get a more well rounded perspective. If after building floors for 5 hours straight until your fingers hurt you still feel the same, I think you might feel differently - or you might feel the same, which is ok too!

I’m not saying people shouldn’t share their opinions. But I think informed opinions are more valuable. If forgers were suggesting small forging QoL changes I wouldn’t say stuff like “this shouldn’t be in game, end of discussion” since I don’t forge - or I’d at least thoroughly explain my opinion.

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didnt my resonse helped? i did kind of a big b uild and thats how i got true it… :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want to build up. make one row and use that one to build up

Yup I do what you suggested and it does help :blush: still, it’s a slow process.

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glad to hear, the futher away you can place blocks the handier it is. then you c ould even consider if its on both side, to lower that row for a bit so you have level placement. which is even easyer

I just want to be able to toggle that creep.

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You can! But it’s slightly buggy and you can still fall (separate issue) @creegle

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