Leveling Chart

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I was just shifting through the forums and got all they way back to march of last year. Someone brought up something I want to continue because it was only talked about but never made. Levels corrisponding with how many skill points you get along with how many skill points you need to level said next skill since it is a progressive skill tree system. (Devs feel free to jump in and fill the whole chart out :wink: )

Total Skill Points = 1200
Total Skills acquirable = ???

Edit: removed the chunk of levels due to Kirinvar’s post :slight_smile:

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I’ve been working on this for some months now:
Red numbers are post-patch-180. (The Progression Rework)
Blue numbers are educated guesses yet to be confirmed.
Green numbers are plots including the Wayfarer perk.


WOW Beyond the call of duty! +1 for sure


The blue under the xp 180 what exactly is that. Cause i can help you fill 37 and up cause im level 36
Edit: NVM XD I reread LOL
Edit: Level 36 needs 106k to get to levell 37 :slight_smile:

Ty for confirming lv36->37.
I was pretty sure on these missing 5 numbers, they fit so well in the pattern of increase in required XP compared to the previous levels.
The daily and weekly xp bonuses can differ by a few hundred up or down though.

Take into consideration that the skills in each group is progressively more expensive.

Yes that is why I want to know total accumulative skills

Oh, thats something beyond the scope of my spreadsheet.
But maybe Stretchious’ Skill Calculator helps:


how do i get in contact with him/her to try and get something added to the page?

@Stretchious is active here on the forums. :smile:

I truly believe that voxel games attract some of the smartest and talented players. Great Sheet there along with the many others who have contributed their own individual calculators/apps.

Sorry for the off-topicness. Just wanted to throw some praise at you :slight_smile:


not off topic at all :slight_smile: I’m making classes and will be making a post here in just a min.

I think the progressive coast fro skills is something players totally miss.
If not you would not hear that dead penalty reduction is a must have on the hunts.
The Item durability bonus is a most have. If you then also go for death penalty reduction.
the coast is severe and you gimp your hunter. Well this is my opinion anyway.

What were you looking to add?

I’ve still not finished the page yet, as it’ll eventually do all the calculations that the game does, so there’s still plenty to add

Adding saved builds :slight_smile: That can be shared publically?

Yup, it’s on my todo list :wink:

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Awesome I already posted a forum for class build suggestions and will be building classes :slight_smile:

Just to let you know there are some files in the game directory with multiple builds including those using the melee weapon in the future. These are not in game and are used for dev testing but they’re still fun to look at :slight_smile: