Levels Earned vs. Hours Played

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So I was carrying on in a side conversation earlier and it got me to wondering about this.

How many levels have you earned, per hour that you’ve played the game?

I realize that not everyone can get detailed stats but if you want to vote please make it as close to reality as possible. I was surprised by my actual ratio a little bit, however this is all that I had to inform the brackets in the poll. If it seems like the vast majority are voting into one bracket then a follow up question might be in order :rofl:

I can share the actual numbers I used after the poll, if people are interested in discussing this. My final ratio across my actively played characters, divided by my steam hours, was 0.2625…

The poll is anonymous. If you can produce this stat I hope you’ll share it.

  • 0.01 - 0.10
  • 0.11 - 0.25
  • 0.26 - 0.50
  • 0.51 - 0.70
  • 0.99 - 1.00
  • 1.00 +
  • 1.5+
  • 2+

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Can’t get exact time played but right before I did an xp grind I was only about .14 levels per hour played. Did an xp grind for 200ish levels which now puts me around .3. And I have around 2k hours played by my estimate lol. Last time I got a solid number was a year ago and it was 1100 ish. I don’t play as much as I did the first year so I might be over estimating the time played now.

And of course I did vote this wrong, I was just voting what is my normal level gain now when I play :smiley:

the time bracket for me doesn’t really exist
would be around something like 0.85-0.95
5600h Total Playtime
-1350h early
~ 4250h release time
all lvl addup 3976lvl
recalc via Xp/ single char lvl would be *~3680
3976/4250 ~ 0.93
3680/4250 ~0.86

My Lvl progression since march 2019:

edit: the uplift last few months comes partly from the metal shop.

My stat was over 5 levels per hour of time played. :pleading_face:

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Mine aint add up right lol I run in alot of circles and accomplish nothing alot of the time lol


I run in circles too!


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This seems pretty reasonable, for a low number of hours, or for a single character who has done mainly crafting or something lol.

To be honest I feel like this is me too :rofl:

You should be able to change it, if you like.

OMG it was late when I set this up what a silly mistake :blush:

I’m sorry for that but thanks for the info, you’re tracking looks very detailed. After I post this I will see if I can edit a poll, but I don’t think so.

For my own numbers, I added up the levels of my 6 main characters. I have a couple of other alts but they haven’t done anything but craft for endeavour, or move materials around. I didn’t count them. Here’s what I got:

nightstar 1350 main/gatherer
nightmanager 178 crafter
nighthammer 341 miner
nightreaver 166 shovel/axe harvester
cuttletrunk 84 hunter
nightsmith 78 forger


Levels Earned: 2,197 levels

Steam Hours Played: 8072 hours

2197 levels / 8072 hours played = 0.2625123885034688 levels per hour.


So sorry about that.

There still isn’t a way to see your level in game, is there?

You can see upon gaining a new level.


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Only if you have a coffer on you. You can calculate it from your total XP.

Considering the time I play and my level my answer is more like – “You can earn levels?” :slight_smile:


At about 2,009h played with a total level of 715 on my main, my ratio works out at about 0.35 levels per hour. I am certain I could have a much higher ratio if I built less and dedicated myself more to grinding for the sake of grinding, but I can’t enjoy that enough in Boundless for some reason.

4200ish hours across 3 characters
(No afk time, humble brag)
In total maybe 700 or so levels.
I think that puts me in the second option

Easily half of my hours played are;

me staring at things I need to do still

running from one end of the city to the other only to realize I’m spaced and forgot something important

staring at something I just finished

Running in circles for no apparent reason, just looking at stuff

Literally watching crops grow/machines craft

And running from planet to planet buying everyone’s stuff


Spread across all my characters, I’d still be around only 0.2, if not 0.15.

My main reached 102 yesterday.

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My main sits somewhere around 140 right now, with a combined total level count somewhere around 650 between the roster. I’m at ~0.38 thanks to my meandering…
Its higher than I thought (I was certain I’d played 2500+ hours already, but its actually only around 1700), and I’ve enjoyed my time playing- I may have found a happy medium

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Main (Builder, Miner): Level 753
Crafter: Level 933
Shopkeeper (for the dreaded Epic): ~100 (guessed)

Total Level: ~1800
Playtime (Steam): 3145

Level / h = ~0.57

I made at least 80% of my levels by extracting fossils (on all 3 chars) - and I hated it. But I needed the plots to build all the farms I wanted to build.

I have 30 fully coiled extractors. After logging in I would

  • collect essences from the extractors until full inventory
  • repair the cleaned extractors
  • mint all the essences on a fully coiled minter
  • repair the minter after every 3 smart stacks minted
  • repeat until all extractors are empty
  • refill extractors with fossils


  • shop for cheap fossils and collect fossils bought in my mall shops.
  • transfer them home (can’t afford a portal from a US shop to my EU home)
  • shop for cheap coal and collect coal bought in my mall shops.
  • transfer them home and compact them.

It took my around 90 minutes per day to keep the 30 extractors running, which resulted in 10 levels per day (with pie).

I realized rather quick that I don’t play a sandbox MMO to do daily quests in disguise. If I wanted to continue play daily quests I would go back to WoW.

Then they announced that we get only 50% of the cubits per XP with the next patch and I stopped playing. I have zero interest to play that way. Let’s see where that goes but as a builder you have to grind for materials (ok), you have to grind for Oort to keep up portals (I don’t like that) and now you have to grind like a madmen for plots (totally breaks the game for me).


You all can sure as heck bet that Crafting XP is going to get nerfed sooner than new stuff gets added :rofl:


The plan right now is for both of these to happen at the same time :thinking: