Lighting and Shading

Devs, in my opinion, OO is far superior and more ambitious than skysaga but the ONE AREA in which it surpasses you guys is the lighting:

The world in Skysaga is bright, vibrant, and clear; at night and in doors, the woods are warmly lit and inviting. By contrast, Oort Online seems perennially hazy, and lacks sufficient contrast. I’m not sure what exactly can be done to remedy this issue (maybe it is the shaders?), but I suspect that you guys may have to implement solutions that aren’t limited to just changing the colors. Can’t wait for the finished game though!


Agree. It’s something we’re working on!


Are there any graphical/lighting improvements coming in the new update by the way?

There are some. We’re reworked some of the lighting to better illuminate single lights, balanced against huge structures of lights. There is better lighting range and better balancing between these ranges. (We’ve basically done a better job of what was originally in there.)


Personally, I love the look and feel of the Oort Online worlds. Light sources could be a bit stronger but it sounds like you’re working on that. I’d hate for all the worlds to get a lot brighter. Overcast is good too. Very good.

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Yep - and this is what we’ve attempted to do. Hopefully you’ll notice it.

If you want some side-by-side comparisons - why not take a few screen shots today (jot down the position and orientation) and compare them with the updated rendering when it’s released early next week. (Target is first thing on Monday.) It would be interesting to see.


Agreed, but too lazy to do this myself. Would love if someone felt inclined to do this.

I will most certainly do this in several scenarios for comparison.

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I’ll try to do it also in the same places I did from the previous texture update.


Will the lighting of slabs also be fixed with the upcoming update?

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I don’t see any slopes in the near-ground in this screenshot?

I mean slabs, sorry

We would have to ask @lucadeltodecso - he’s the Keeper of the Lighting / Bringer of Light™.


Not that I’m aware of, I don’t think this has ever been reported before either, first time I’ve seen it anyways!

Well consider it as reported now :smile: