Lighting in Release 225 Status


UPDATE after two hotfixes:

BEFORE lighting update (pre-225):

IMMEDIATELY AFTER lighting update (225):

CURRENTLY as of 7-20-19 (225.2):

Ok, I don’t know if it’s a fluke or part of the mesh lighting fix, but things actually seem to look a bit better now.

Lighting sources still look very blurry and washed out and I think that’s related to bloom, I guess I can turn that off, but everything looks a bit more lit up and less pitch black now.

Lighting sources like torches and light emitting tools with glow seem to be giving off a bit more light. (Not so much gleam though.)

I tried the darkness slider and can’t really say I see much of a difference, but oh well, wasn’t really expecting much from that.

Anyway, it’s currently looking better as you can see from the screenshots!

I can actually tell the detail of the black bricks and black marble!

Again, idk if I’m going crazy here or if it’s actually better lol

studies screenshots Yep, looks much better already.


This will be due to the improvements to the auto-exposure accuracy, the same change also made the sanctum exposure better balanced. No colours/light properties have changed, just that the measure of scene luminance used for exposure adjustment has been improved so its choosing a better exposure value for your scene.

This may well have to change a bit further as has caused other issues now with over-exposing some brighter cases, but will try to ensure it doesnt bring back the dark problem again.


Oh dear, I was worried we wouldn’t have to keep messing with it, but I understand there’s still work to be done.

Hopefully it doesn’t go anywhere near as dark as the middle picture.

I’m going to keep using this area of the build as a reference point for all future lighting updates so it’s easy to compare.

I want to point out @lucadeltodecso how nice it is to clearly see the difference between the different black blocks as shown in the screenshot.

Currently, you can actually differentiate the black marble, rock types, refined, not refined. After the initial update, it all blended together and you couldn’t differentiate them as you can see in the second screenshot.


I’m going to use it as a reference too :vulcan_salute:


I had this in my base too, but while writing a bug report about it it fixed itself :thinking:


I love the idea of a brightness chisel.


Love the new updates…it’s like a whole new game! :heart_eyes::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Don’t try to please everyone about the lighting or you’ll just break the game. Every change risks a cascade of other changes that’ll upset someone else.


When is white marble going to be fixed so it doesn’t look like ice?


When is all marble going to be fixed to not look like ice


I got this in my indoor water pool.
It looks like some haze artifact, it follow the haze day/night colour cycle.
The waterlevel is at alt 64, to get the reflection.


@james Odd illumination?

I was in the storage room in the mall and I noticed the shelves on one side had this cool backlit thing going on.
There’s ref meta rockwall between the portals on the other side and the storage room. Seems like the sun is lighting them? I love the effect. I wish all the shelves had it lol


Do walls need to be more than one block thick to block sunlight?


yes they need from what they said in the testing post. This is only occurring on meshes blocks.


Thanks for sharing


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