Lighting in Release 225 Status


Updated the OP to include the resolution of the mesh lighting issue with Release 225.1.

Also added a note that we would look at the balance of the block palette luminance based on the new lighting intensity balance.


LOL the new marble is a serious wut from me, it’s like marble got some kinda film treatment that crinkled a little.
I’m actually preparing to tear down my WIP build because this shiny marble is not what I signed up for. I see a use for it and like it, just…not in its old context.
really torn right now. :sweat_smile:


Best idea for gleam brightness. I don’t care about how dark it is. I love the colours. I just want the gleam to be bright again.


@james I would like to point out that there’s still some fixin’ to do on that front :

In this context, the doors lead to the outside, and the inside is purposefully dark.
I can understand how there’s a problem for the doors since they’re stuck between sunlight and darkness, but the storages should be as dark as the rest of the room since they’re surrounded by dirt/stone on all sides besides the front.

If you wanna check out by yourself, here are the coordinates :
Raxxa ; -2,245N ; 938E ; 102A


we cannot light meshes with 1x1x1 resolution, its just far too much data (they have to be lit via volumetric data generated in the lighting stored in textures, it cant just be written onto the vertices like with the voxels themselves) so any sharp transitions can cause this.


But still, the storages have no reason to be like that. If behind them, it was outside with sunlight and all, I’d understand…


Update OP to reflect the changes in Release 225.2. Which included a new Dark Balance option and improvements to the Bloom.


The following items are still outstanding:

  • TODO - learn about how best to help players with nyctalopia - assuming #1 isn’t enough.

    Can people affected by this let us know if the Dark Balance slider is enough?

  • TODO - Review the luminance of the black and white balance based on the new lighting intensity.

  • TODO - explore the idea of using Transformation Chisels on Gleam to change their brightness.

  • TODO - continue to normalise and polish the day/night cycles and fog.

Please let us know how you find the rendering after these recent changes.


Is the lantern adjustment on the table as well for this? Or did you remove the option for now? I wasn’t sure if you were or were not going to consider it.


Here is +4 Dark Balance

Here is 0 Dark Balance

And finally here is -4 Dark Balance

I am sorry but I am not sure what I should be seeing. Should it be making any difference at all in how bright this area is? Maybe I am misunderstanding how the Dark Balance works?


whole forest full of dim lanterns here would like to know as well.


It is better now. Thank you guys so much!


Minus 4


Plus 4

It’s a little more apparent than @Kal-El 's example but not much. For reference:

I don’t think the lantern above is really shining on the boxes any more but I’m not sure how much luminance the deco blink generates there.

I haven’t been able to play much this week but I’m glad for the changes that have been made, i can at least differentiate the individual storage boxes in my new area now.

Immediately following the farming update you couldn’t even tell they were storage boxes at night.


I can see the difference in yours. . was there just the one setting you changed?


Yes nothing else changed.

These boxes are getting indirect lighting from above and some amount of direct lighting from at least 2 sources, these pics were at night but under open sky.


OK mine are indoors with no windows there is a skylight in the level 2 above but only a narrow opening for the steps . It was also at night.


OK trying lighting on a different PC (my gaming rig)

Dark Balance -4

Dark Balance 0

Dark Balance +4

There is some difference you can see it in the wood ceiling and floor. probably not as much as I wished on the blacks but might be all that is possible without creating other issues.


i think a bug crept in with today’s patch, whenever i look at the ground during daytime the ground along with the grass etc seems to suddenly get brighter but if i look up a bit the extra brightness goes away, this does not happen during the nighttime cycle only daytime.


looking straight ahead

looking down at ground at same spot

it’s like a sudden bleaching effect


Are we still in alpha?
Please wake me up when this game stabilize into a “playable” state.

And now if you excuse me…I need to update my steam review.


aqua embassy looks like awesome neon city and the sunken town just shines now with all that sweat looking water running trough the canals im a happy man worst thing i was moving base again so hopped in old one to get stuff and its looking amazing now figures :joy:
ow olmost forgot the farmlands are also looking pretty sweet atm :+1: