Lighting in Release 225 Status


I didn’t know we were having to keep track of points now and this was some competition… but if you feel that way ok…


Clearly @Xaldafax won I got triggered by this update and he remained calm so I concede lol. Im just frustrated I have a monumental amount of work to fix our guild area ahead of me and im struggling with should I wait until they patch or redo it now or just walk away. Im not angry I think the update is a great addition it just isn’t ideal for people with builds like ours. If I got snappy I apologize I love this community and I love this game hence the passion I am sharing on these forums I rarely post things.


I’m sorry, I don’t believe anyone deserves to be brow beaten into submission. You concerns are valid, as are everyone else’s who have seen their thousands of hours worth of builds change with the latest update. Whether those changes be to their liking or not. Rest assured the developers are exploring all the options they can to make the new lighting changes enjoyable for everyone.

This is not a good idea, it gives the wrong impression to the community… “silence the people that have complaints”.


It is ok… Sometimes the tables are turned for me and I’m all snap snap… so I get it. Thanks for sharing that side though and being willing to acknowledge it.

I do completely 100% support and understand, though, your work effort and never want to minimize that or anyone’s for that matter!


I just noticed my black storage blocks’ contents are now significantly brighter than they were yesterday:



(I tried to take the today’s screenshot as close as possible to the same position as yesterday’s… I didn’t alter the screenshots in any way.)

I’m guessing that’s part of what the update today was for?




I made no changes to the gleam, amount of gleam or my monitor settings. So the meshes do seem better


yes its a little better after hotfix Its still dark on my monitor but at least I can see the blocks now.


I keep hearing, “I’m ok with it, so those of you who aren’t should have no option.”

Why not have more types of blacks and various intensities of all lights so everyone is happy and it gives the game that much more room for creativity?


Maybe just relax and let the devs sort it out, rather than getting all worked up? They KNOw there is an issue and they’re working to make adjustments to beat suit the community as a whole. I get you’re upset, but like others have said, some people really like what the changes did to their build.

Every MMO I’ve ever played there are two kinds of people/players…the group who rage quits because they can’t or won’t adjust, and the group who accept the changes, adjust and come out better than they were before. I always land in the latter group…

It’s impossible to please 100% of the player base 100% of the time. All I know is that the devs want this game to succeed and they work their butts off to please us all.

My advice to you and anyone else who wants to up and quit over the lighting changes… stop stressing over how it all looks right now and go do something else… go mining… gathering… do something else until it’s sorted out. Then when the devs have finished making their changes go back to the build and adjust as needed.


Thanks for being constructive and bringing light (see what I did there?) to another aspect of the lighting update that needs attention.

I don’t think anyone else would’ve mentioned it otherwise.


they have had almost a month to do that tho…maybe this is a good example of needing a new reporting system cuz this all could have been sorted out in testing i have found a few threads made just a week after it hit testing saying this varly thing was going to happen yet nothing was done?.


Im fine, just had a freak out moment im sure it will get sorted out.


Adjusting to skill changes, nerfs and things like that in normal mmos is one thing. Spending countless hours building things to how the world is with colors you like and having it all change and getting told to use different colors that you never wanted your build to be is a complete different thing.


Ok…after the update, my shelves = :+1:

Before: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

After: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


TODAY - 07 18 2019

Yeah, huge difference.
Now all I need is that transformation-chisel feature and I’ll be happy with my build once again! :smiley:


I always thought the fun was in building things. I doubt people log in and just stare at their creation for 8 hours then log off.

No idea why they’d threaten to quit over lighting changes. It’s a good excuse to make something new and improved.

Besides, nothing is permanent, it’s an online game. Even WoW had art changes.


the keyword there tho is building my self i dont mind building in boundless what gets me is ok my build is done “lighting change comes in” well $#@ i need to replace all the x in my build…now i need to farm the mats for the tools i will need and the mats for the forge so then i can put all that in the given machine to then wait for them to be ready to then re build that part of the build or in the case of “repainting” ok now i need to setup a farm system get all the stuff needed for that then wait the how ever many days it takes for the dye to be ready.

i dont think its so much the re building people are mad about its all the farming and timegateing that is running tho there heads when they map out what they need to do work with the change.


Plus the reshaping of things. Chiseling whole floors or walls. Etc.

And personally if I have to destroy it I won’t rebuild it. I don’t find fun in rebuilding the same thing.

And some people do log in and more or less stare at their build for 8 hrs if they are doing all the different crafting things they need to in their workshop.


I spend alot of time around my builds sometime I just hang out in the dome and watch day go to night. There’s a reason we design out builds a certain way. So they are enjoyable to our palette.


Okay, now for something even more important, is any thing going to be changed about the awful icy/wet look of most marble colours?


It’s the one thing I didn’t like (besides the mesh bug)!

The market uses it a lot and spend last week a lot of time and mats, all those essences, sigh, on roads and now I just do not like the look anymore :frowning: