Lighting in Release 225 Status


Well not just black, there are other colours with the same luminance as the black too, maybe the ‘night’ ones?

Going to be testing ‘bumping up’ the luminance range in the palette, but cant go too far without either reducing contrast too much, losing colour quality at higher end, or making the palette less uniformnly distributed (eg there are many more colors allocated to the middle range of luminances where there is a larger range of chromacity available, bumping up the luminance range too much without entirely building a new palette may mean having less colours in that chromacity sweet spot and too many at the more desaturated brighter end… and rebuilding the palette from scratch would mean another huge migration where all colours have to be reassigned to the nearest ‘new’ colour like which occured during the initial release of the 255 palette in EA… not something want to have to do again!! Though may be unavoidable if want to adjust the palette without losing quality… maybe remove the darkest colours and add new ‘even brighter’ colours than current white and leave the rest the same, only changing names of the greyscale ones or something…)


So basically those of us that like the black being black and not having shiny black are now going to have to go back to some form of shiny somewhat black? Ruining the look and build design we wanted as well as possibly less contrast, etc?

@James I feel the pain you all have with dealing with this but I really think some other solution is better than forcing one side of the issue to have to deal with it but not the other. Can’t we find a way to have sliders or something where people can tailor make their shiny options. Many people want the original design you had an true black.


Not going to be going back to everything shiny… dont worry about that!!

For reference:
Google suggests a typical black matte paint reflects 20% of light, ours only reflects about 1%. So our black is ‘super’ black. A typical matte white paint reflects say 90% of light, but our white reflects about 75%, so our white is more a bright grey.

From that perspective there is justification to wanting to tweak the palette.

This may all be unnecesary though if the ‘brightness’ slider (actually will just be adjusting how well the ‘game eyes’ adjust to darkness) is ‘good enough’


Well my statement probably came off incorrect. The thing is I have talked to many people and they actually do like the darkness we have in black now. We see the contrast and how the builds look great. We don’t want anything to change in way. We have used black in various builds and it enhances it especially in the various new light levels as the sun rises. So any adjustment likely will then ruin that look we were able to achieve especially if you are having to play with contrast and brightness too… (forgive the layman terms)

We get that black looks not that great in a storage shelf and we are ok with that adjustment.


Now that you added the technical references, that helps A LOT in understanding the design and where you all put things. With this new information I think in that case some adjustment is a fair option to consider.

I do wish now though that we had a wider palette and some super black options… but I get that the palette is a very tight space. Maybe there will be some design options later on or a way to meet that. Since this darker black does look nice.


darker black would be nice if the light sources in the game were not nerfed so bad that you cant see it.


I certainly hear your perspective… but for the people I was talking with they like it exactly that way. We do not see the light sources as being nerfed at all. We see why it is that way and are grateful with the changes as applied. There is much more range and form and function with this design.


I definitely love the current brightness and the darkness of the black, but I’m willing to see what experiments look like!


im sorry im just upset im gonna dip out of this forum.


My points are certainly not to upset you further in any way. I get that something like a build that a person put a lot of time into is very personal and important. I am open to adjustments but obviously from my side will be concerned as well… why? Because I and various others have spent just as much time as every other person in this game building huge locations and things.

Here is the key difference - in some people’s builds the changes made it look “bad” in their eyes while in other people’s builds the change was welcomed and valued. None of us can control how the other person chose to build their builds or their willingness to accept change or not. That does not in any way distract or diminish the importance that each and every person has the right to feel about their build and time investment.

I don’t want others to have to deal with something they don’t want but I certainly don’t want to have to go back to a system that didn’t feel as authentic as this system. People should be able to understand and respect that view as well. That is why I think we just work with the developers and try to find solutions that give people more options than less.


our build is a lot and I mean a lot of lanterns and gleam put into the forest to light it up we used a lot of black marble and black storage blocks in hidden rooms for crafting to keep the nature pretty, our shop stands and forest is biolumiscent, or it was. Im not going to run around for a month chiseling all of that its just not happening.


So after I just showed compassion and tried to reach across the isle all you do is complain more and talk about YOUR needs with statements like this:

Well our builds protect nature and are some of the most intricate in the game along with constantly being shown in trailers and art work for the game since EA. The builds look even more brilliant and wonderful now… Are you expecting them to have to just deal with going back because you chose to build your build the way you did?

I would certainly hope not and that you can actually step into their shoes as much as we are trying to step into yours. Hence why I said we need to find options for everyone.


I appreciate the visual updates, I just feel as if this update was rushed out with zero regards to how it would affect peoples work. They just need to up the brightness of light sources that’s all it looks great from a visual standpoint but its to dark and people who used lanterns as a focal point of their build just got screwed man.


This is months of work so it wasn’t rushed. They cannot control and build a game only toward how people chose to build their builds.

We clearly have a different view of dark and “too dark” or people that used lanterns. As I have tried to express the changes look fine from what I see. I get and respect your view and I doubt we will get on the same page in any level as long as you see the changes in the way you are. Especially since my use of lanterns and dark/light is working out perfectly in this new change.

I do hope they find a way to meet everyone’s views…


they could have included a way to to toggle luminosity with the update in a simple easy to use way that dosent rely on forging, I would have included that and im not even a developer its just basic common sense.


So if you are not a developer how can you even remotely in any form or fashion ASSUME that you know that this can be done?

Before you hold them accountable to basic common sense it would behoove you to actually understand the situation more on technical levels before offering suggestions especially in a tone that comes off like that.

Anyway I don’t want to start a fight so I’m just dropping it…


im so done with this conversation at least your happy with it all that matters I guess.


can we lock this until there is a new Status?

All I see is that it is dividing the already small community with the ones who feel affected negatively making the most noise.


That’s nice the one’s I am talking to do not so are we even now?


i dont really see that helping

you would then need to lock every thread already made talking about the lighting regardless if they are breaching the CoC otherwise people will just move to those threads