Lighting in Release 225 Status


Thanks for clarifying that, but exo worlds are still pretty rare and sometimes will go a week without them.

Still though, why should I have to repaint my build a completely different color when I want it black?

I still feel like it would be better to just allow some more light on black/dark surfaces.

It seems like it would be the easiest fix. (Especially a tool that changes the intensity.)


I have dark buildings and I’m not overly concerned I don’t mind changing things its what comes with changes in games like this. Maybe they might change how the paints become available it’s only just come out so best wait and see .


Yup I’m definitely in favour of this option too. Makes it possible to have the effect/intensity you want with the gleam colour of your choice.


I went to the T5 exo, 0 goo left or then it does’t spawn on it. There’s a bit of misinformation on where it spawns.


We’re are looking at the palette distribution - how black is black, how white is white. We may try experimenting with the distribution of the colours and review the white and black points.

The Goo wasn’t cleaned out in 24 hours. There is a huge amount of Goo still there. Goo will not be rare.


No it’s not true.


The said tool has already been mentioned the transformation tool will be able to brighten gleam so James said in the post too :grin: think they will be working on that sooner rather than later I hope.


Thank you, I really appreciate such a prompt response.

I’ll be patient and see how the new tweaks will affect my build/eyesight lol



Yeah, I did see that and it looks great.

I just wanted to clarify I was also talking about a similar tool that would work on normal blocks too. (To change the lighting reflection intensity, changing from shiny to matt, etc.)


Yeah they could do that too I guess depending on which is easier to change and add to the game. It’s all new to everyone…maybe good changes to come :grin:

P.s I like shiny sparkly things :rofl::rofl:


Glad to see the issues are being addressed!

Transformation chisel support for gleam lantern intensity sounds great, but also a bit finicky. I’m hoping we get a new more intense (and prestigious) light block at some point.

One thing that is throwing me off which I haven’t seen mentioned is the simulation of “adaptation” (vision adjusting when going from bright light to darkness), it seems to take quite long to adjust and can be caused by things that make it irritating in my opinion; I noticed it on cuttletrunk shots, lasers and meteor impacts. It seems like the effect only occurs at night.

Here’s some footage, although the compression doesn’t really do it justice:



I’ll admit I’m not happy with “refined gleam” being more prestigious, yet not being a block with a texture which tile properly like natural gleam. Plus it has all those cracks on the texture.
If we get something prettier, I’ll jump on it immediately!

We could also get “Compacted Gleam”.


While I like the idea of a chisel to change more stuff, gleam and lanterns isn’t one of them id legit have to run around for days tapping all of it, I would prefer if the gleam defaulted to it brightest setting and let people dim it at their will it would cause a lot less use of the tool imho. Furthermore I also think a great alternative would be beacon option for light brightness setting for all gleam/lanterns/torches within said beacon it could have a fuel cost to compensate for not having to be chiseled.



Thank You so very much I really appreciate that you actually listen and care enough to do something. Speaks volumes where this game can go in the future. JUST TY!


James has stated that the black blocks being black and not absorbing light is intentional, so isn’t going to be ‘fixed’
Edit: just seen that they may be looking at the black and white blocks after all, i posted too soon!
And I don’t think you need to paint them white or yellow, I have some dark green (can’t remember exact name) storage blocks and some dark greys and they don’t have the same properties as the black


A chisel to scale lighting levels would be fun!!. Also like the slider idea for the brightness level.

Thanks for responding so quickly to this.


I just want to point out that almost everyone (including) the devs keep telling me to stop using black and find another color.

Doesn’t anyone find that just odd though?

Why isn’t black a viable color like all the rest?

Why should black rocks have such special properties?

Yes, I noticed the devs will have a look at black and white which is nice.

I don’t know, the whole situation just seems a bit odd about black. I mean, if I use dark grey, will it eat all light too?

I don’t know, just seems weird to have to work around one of the colors in the game.


Couldnt agree more.


Yes… This is very annoying :frowning:


Dark grey is easily visible, and with the new black, my void room now looks more like a void, since the black walls don’t reflect light.

This is oxide grey bottom, dark grey on top.


No it doesn’t :slight_smile: just the black. Which gives us a truely black colour to work with without any of that horrible shiny lightness to it.

I am saying all this with a light coloured base though, so I can’t really feel your frustrations as you do