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So hey there,
I returned to Oort after a while, and I really enjoyed building and looking at the sunset on the Mac Version, the feeling of the aesthetics is just overwhelming, thank you so much! One of the few things bothering me is the bad performance my Mac Partition generally has, so I would love to play it on my Linux Partition, which is possible in the Browser version, but as you might guess, this won’t help the performance problem.
Googling the issue revealed that a native Linux version actually exists and used by devs. The problem seems to be that packaging it with all dependencies and maintaining it would take effort that could be put into development. I can totally understand this, considering linux users are a small percentage of Oort players. But because I would really like to play Oort on linux with the best possible performance, here is my proposal:
You could give us the list of dependencies (package names for ubuntu or whatever) for us to install ourselves and put out a steam beta code or send a download link via e-mail or whatever solution seems accurate.
Maybe I am overlooking something, or there are other reasons why you haven’t given us a native linux version, I would just like to hear thoughts/answers!
Happy Oorting everyone!
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Yes - we too would like to release the Linux native version. It just never bubbles to the top of the priority list. I’m wondering if we could release a beta build via Steam that would allow people to give it a try without us needing to get everything polished up. It is early access after all. (That’s almost a joke - as the majority of players seem to expect games to be pretty much complete when in EA.)

Let me have a little investigation.

(Please feel free to keep nagging and building support in this thread if nothing seems to happen.)


Nobody expects finished games from EA xD


Wow, it took me a while to get that one :smile:


Well we’re talking about 2 different things now :wink:

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Good one :smile:

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I support this thread. While it would obviously be nice to install a polished version, I can handle installing a few libraries if it’s to avoid switching to my Windows partition.
Thanks, devs!

I think this is a good idea and I support it
even though I’m a Mac user and have never (and honestly WILL never) use Linux

Primarily a Windows user these days (because games) but it would be nice to fire up /insert linux distro of choice/ and play Oort natively. Having said that, I can wait, because Windows.

I, too, would love a Linux native version of Oort Online as it would allow me to play test worlds created with the WorldBuilder more seamlessly. Also, I would imagine a Linux native version would get more performance out of my GTX 780 ti graphics card and be faster overall.

Bump… @ben, @james

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I, too, would live a Linux native version… the conflict is that it takes time away from other features.

I’d really love to find a way to get the Linux versions polished up, productised and released.

Understand completely. Just keeping this “on the radar.” I’d rather have features. :smile:

But we did put a tiny feature in today just for you!! So hopefully you’ll still feel special without an official Linux client. :gift:

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Was the custom IP feature for little ole me??!! THANK YOU! Much appreciated. I am continually amazed with the Wunderstruck team. Please pass on my sincere gratitude! :beer:

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What is new about this ? My brother and I want to play the alpha, but we run Debian. We will not buy the game without our OS to be supported.

This topic is more than 2 years old. Sorry, but I don’t think a Linux client will be a thing in the future. You should srsly think about a windows system (at least a VM - don’t ask me about performance)

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My brother and I will not install an OS only to play a game. I only play Minecraft, I wanted to give a try to boundless (the rent-a-world offer attracted me), but my server mates and I will stay on Minecraft.

Thank you for your answer.

We have a Linux build running internally that we use for development. We’ve not released it publicly because it’s not had any testing and lacks a sign-in launcher.

We do plan to release a Linux build publicly in the future.

(You could attempt to run the Windows version under Wine. But personally (as a Linux user) I refuse to install Wine so totally understand that you want - and we should deliver - a native Linux build.)


+ it also has a few little issues to do with text input, but yes, otherwise working fine.

The other reason not to have a linux version at the moment is we have no experience packaging linux apps for steam etc.

Cool stuff, good to know :+1::two_hearts: