Linux Native Client


Thank you for your answer!

I have a few questions:

  • Is the Linux version planned for the V1.0?
  • Is it possible to play the Linux version as an alpha tester?

About the packaging for steam, is it mandatory? I mean: will steam be the only place where boundless will be sold?


We would like release the Linux version, but we’re trying to stay focused on getting the Windows version to a high quality. I realise it’s not really fair, but it’s simply a case of the number of players to Windows compared to other platforms.

The problem with making an alpha version of Boundless available for Linux, is that once players have paid for a game - there is a certain expectation that it’ll work or get fixed in a timely manner. So if there are issues we’ll get dragged into working on the Linux version when we really want to focus else where. So the only safe solution is not to make the Linux version public until we’re able to support it to the same level.

At the moment we only ship the game via Steam. This is because the client doesn’t have it’s own updating mechanism and we need to keep the client and servers in-sync during development. So we’re using Steam as our sales, distribution and update system.


Good to hear there’s at least plans (unless I read this thread wrong) for a Linux version. Will patiently wait and play on Windows until then.


@james So… any news on this topic? I bought this game 3 years ago now, and while I don’t regret it, I have played it a total of 3 hours, about 2 years ago. Because I use Linux exclusively.


I too would love to see a Linux version if it’s not already implemented. I’d give up Windows in a heartbeat


+1 for the Linux client.