LIQUID TOOLS now back in stock! Liquid breakers 4999c, Wayfarer totem solidifier 5999c, both at Original Forgeries at Nova Golda Market!


With the new shop there’s more space so I’ve added gold tools in the mix!

All of these are 3x3 with damage level 7 or 8, can easily 1 shot blocks with these even above T1!

Also recently added a T7 Capable tools section:

So get your supplies for when the next T7 planet pops up!

Now with a special hand trade deal! Buy one of the T7 capable tools costing 9999c (+1600 dura or more, +40 action speed or higher) and get 5 mega strength brews for free!

Nova Golda Market can be reached thru Ultima HQ Eresho shopping portals (2x2 row), DK’s Ultima tree, PS Lamblis, Ultima Trung Hub, Nova Golda Mini Market on Eresho (across Jacey’s Mall), Hunt Hive, Meteor Meet (Delta C.) and more!


No titanium Shovels?

Actual existing shops

Well they were there when I went to bed last night, haven’t been online yet, so sold out already! Had 18 in there!

Hmm, might have been 9 tho already when I went to bed, forged a bunch yesterday that’s for sure!

Anyway, will add more stock later today!


Really handy these tools if these are the same ones i bought from new leyden. Whats the price on these?


Nice!! :slight_smile: I feel bad wasting my higher level stuff on the low level worlds, I’ll buy some of those lower level ones, and I’ll probably stash a few in case I run into any newbies in need. And of course will grab a T7 hammer!


Leave some for me lol. Now we know who buys 18 shovels a day :grin:


2399c for titanium, 1999c for gold and silver!

Earlier noticed I made a slight booboo, the 9 silver shovels weren’t 3x3 but cross, so moved them to one shop stand lower and are now priced 1499c!

Same ones, yes :slight_smile:

I just stopped for lunch, will be back in 30 to 40 min, if you stop by then we can handtrade and get those mega fast brews for free!

Back in stock, yes :slight_smile:

You sneak, buying them first then taking picture! :smiley:


Afraid I beat you there Aenea, didn’t see this first, apologies… but, I did leave some, Buugi! :wink: Got four gold hammers, a golden axe, one diamond T7 hammer and one sapphire. But, that is just a start, figured I’d get a few now - I might be back for more shopping later today, if I see you we can trade then, thanks so much, appreciate it!! Love your stuff! :slight_smile:


You speaking like a millionaire.


Not a millionaire, but mining with Aenea’s tools is quite profitable! :wink: Titanium 3x3 + Serp = Very easy coin, for any in need!


Thought I posted a reply. Must have deleted it. Would love to do a trade for a exo planet 7 hammer. Hoping to go there when another one shows up either T7 or T6 planet and get some goodies. Will go through and follow to a mining area then we can split, just not sure definitely on a 7 if I can make it on my own.

Anyhow, want one and some brews, so let me know if you can still do the trade.


I can, yes. I will take a break in a few minutes tho so if you’re in game now…

Also. I did see the other reply :wink:


I DID only see 9 though. Got to get “Crushing and Compacting” :grin:

Yep me too. Also titanium is usually faster wherever it’s enough to do the job.


Helped hubby with lunch that the usual had my back acting up so I had to lay down, didn’t even take time to read posts.

Am up now, not sure if you are at the Market, will go and check out and see what I need to restock. And take the right signs, took the wrong type the last visit.


Silver has a faster base action speed, less durability tho…


Original Forgeries at Nova Golda Market is slowly adding all the new forging goodies!

New Combat Bombs:

Golden Fists:

Auto Door Spanners:

Unchisel chisel:

More items are underway!
In a bit sapphire auto door spanners will be added with lvl 10 durability for 3999c.

Of course slingbows with hard as nails will be added over the next few days as well and more golden fist options. All the different new bomb types will be added too of course!

Added more unchisel chisels and both silver and sapphire auto door spanners!

Later today I will add some more golden fists and other assorted goods!

Actual existing shops

Nice! Will be over after to work to grab some :+1:


Hmm, items seem to sell a little faster than expected, hehe, so am out of unchisel chisels at the moment. Will be back in stock tomorrow.


What is now in stock though is some nice golden fists with Hard as Nails 3, max light and max magnet (and of course auto loot) for only 2999c!!!

Come get 'm quick before Ghandy (@ghandymarshall) buys them all! :smiley:


@AeneaGames any idea when you will have titanium 3x3s back in stock?


I should have them in a few hours! Right now crafting more titanium tools and forging mats.

BTW, hammers or shovels or axes? Or all 3? So I know which to do first!