Liquid Z-Fighting

As we all know, oil and water don’t mix, but they do fight!

Can easily be reproduced by placing them next to each other.

On that note, thank you for fixing it for beacon grids, whenever that was, I didn’t fully realize it was gone until I was checking if it’s still there for context!


This will produce an evil conscious liquid that will eventually take over boundless

Just don’t mix in resin or else…


The last time someone did this, the boundless worlds as we know them ceased to exist and the servers went down. Please stop.

:joy: <— because some people cant smell sarcasm through screens.


That was a bigger boom


I can only imagine having a recipe where we mix everything liquid together like all types of blood, milk, water (purified and fortified), along with lava and etc. You drink this and you gain the ability to fly like the devs :grin:

Duplicate of this?