List the items you hate seeing in shops


I understand not wanting shops to sell T1 beacon fuels but me claiming my shop sells fuels (and naming it accordingly) kinda forces me to just put it there since its well, a fuel. I ocassionally sell a few pieces of it so some people do come for it after all.


I’m not targeting any sellers specifically, I promise!

My thoughts this morning were that as new players come into the game and get the ability to start running their own shops at some point, there are some things that they don’t need to actually craft a shop stand for. I wanted to draw out like… some obvious things they shouldn’t get their hopes up for selling any time soon, leaving things they could potentially post that are within their gathering/crafting reach and still have them turn over coin in a reasonable amount of time.

Buyers can get worn out if they’re running from shop to shop and have to wade through clutter. Sellers can get disheartened if they’re not reasonably successful. We all have our specific needs/wants/reasons, that’s why I just wanted some frustrations voiced in the form of item names.


Yes. Thats isn’t your case. I mean “shops” that put baskets and only resell the baskets itens. They dont do nothing. Dont grind and dont craft.


I don’t mind “flip” baskets if the prices are reasonable, like the shop that buys stones for 4 and sells for five. If your goal is to just be a shopkeeper, not a crafter, that’s a sound business model.

Also if the baskets are a reasonable price, dude may be taking the mats he needs and then flipping the rest. You have to take a look at the rest of the shop and see what crafted items are being sold.

A shop buy diamonds for 150 and selling for 700 loses my business…even if I’m not shopping for diamonds.


I know you guys have some potentially valid gripes about how some shops are run, but I didn’t want it to derail too far. The purpose of the topic was to identify specific items (or maybe none) that you don’t like to see in shops. Justify your choices if you want, but the intent of the thread is meant to narrow down the selection I would suggest to others or even keep at my own place.


I put things i dont value on freebie stands. Someone else might want them. Sorry if it upsets anyone to look at them.


Silly question, how do you set up a freebie stand? I thought you HAD to give a price of at least 1c


I put things on freebie stands too sometimes…just type “0” and anyone can take the item(s). Usually it’s an item that I used a bit or low level food.


I hate seeing empty stands with nothing to sell or stands soo old by players who havn’t looked at it in so long, that still have not realized no one pays 500 coins for rough iron! Way out of date man.


I have a couple stands that sell things I buy. Its purely for getting rid of extras though, I don’t stock what I buy, but what i happen across when doing other things. Something I hate seeing is forged items actually. It’s mostly because the prices are so high, and its hard to check the price of all the resources that go into it so I can’t accurately calculate how much coin it would take to buy everything to make one (which is half of how I generate my prices for crafted items).


Rows and rows of empty stands. That gets to me, and it is in stores that has been that way for several days, not just go in and see it. Go past a open store and see stands that are all empty. Two days later run past it again as I go to or coming from a planet I have been on. Again, the empty stands. Or they have two or three items and they are still there.
Sell or give away the stands, give the items away if you aren’t going to sell anymore. Makes me wonder if the player just up and quit and left them all there.
The only other thing that has me going huh? Is seeing wood and stone tools, those are so easy and cheap to make why are they being sold. Given away I can see to clean out old storage crates you missed a while back. But to sell them? has me going why? But to each their own.


I buy all my forged tools and yet I agree.


Air. 10char


I buy every gathered base material and do not sell ANY base materials, not a one. Purelt machine processed items for me :slight_smile:
I sleep better at night now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been stockpiling all the yams in the universe for those soon to be announced decorative yam blocks for my prestige vault…

To OP-

  • Totems. They are literally free to make.
  • Starter world surface resources (not counting saltpeter here).

Opposite- things i like on stands-

  • basic beacon fuel: its a way to sell foliage for less than 1c each lol
  • unforged gem tools- i just want a better hammer/sling/axe. I dont necessarily have a recently deceased oort-aunt leaving me a small fortune to buy a 3x3 axe with crit (to use where?!)

Edit - I meant saltpeter my bad


Come to my sho Prom, i sell 3x3 axes often for less then 10k.

Without dmg boon i sell them for 6-9 :slight_smile:
But im considering pushing some normal gem hammers out for 4-6k. But i just thought people wont buy unforged anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Also what i hate to see in shops are:

forged goods priced at 30k+ (those days are over)
Refined gleem (let people refine it themselves)

And evry item in my request baskets.


Hehe yeah, but with the recent alloy tool changes I’ve been using them much more, still being able to 2shot the trunks i want ona t6 would be much better than 3 or 4 shots with alloys especially if farming under a pie


You don’t like seeing Fibrous leaves, inky leaves and saltpetre in shops?


Not really no. I farm them by the hundreds whenever running across any planet. I do buy them in my baskets, but never from stands.

My reasoning is that they are easy to collect, and often the only things a real starter player can safely get their paws on. So i buy them every now and then so ppl have some source of coin when i happen to need like a smart stack of leaves, but most of the time i dont.

Also by virtue of double tax, i can buy in a basket for more than flip shops, and still have them for cheaper than those same shops sell them. When used as a resource they are worth a better buy price than stands can compete with, much more so when things go over the tax threshold

Edit- i meant to say *not counting saltpeter in the first post