Long Time No See

Hiya! It’s been awhile! Both since I played or posted. Recently, a friend of mine got into Boundless with me. Ive rebuilt with what I had, but my old tools are running low. Chisels, hammers, and grapples mainly. There was a shop in Bender’s head (it was on the planet that @Trundamere lived on [Imdari?]) that I used to frequent where I could buy forged tools and sell the mats I gathered without having to run all over a planet or series malls. Idk if it still exists and all the portall networks have changed :cold_sweat:
Is there such a shop still in existence? Mostly I have been freqenting the gyosha and dk mall and selling large fossil at strassenmarkt, but convenience is what im after. Im very slowly getting back to where I can forge again, but i was never that great at it to begin with.

On a sidenote @Jiivita you are too darn fast! I saw you a few days ago in a hub and you went by so fast I couldnt even wave at you! And when i followed you thru a portal you had already gone thru another and were gone for about 5 minutes then you reappeared for a split second and were gone again :joy:


There are tools available in glitchworld, zoidburg, rivertowns, fantasy tree list goes on. The one shop that is connected to everything is fantasy tree, is also a name you are familiar of. La familia also has a plethora of tools, I believe they speak primarily spanish.

A new ultima hub is popping up, I haven’t really explored it yet but I’m sure you can find anything you are looking for in or connected to there.


Im familar with most of the names. Not the locations though. I’ve been using tnt hub and ezpz hub(they have empty forged tool stands) to get around. I never have a lot of coin so, its kind of a sell to buy situation for me. Need to go on a hunt soon too, as I recall alot of the forging mats require creature parts.

Well if you need anything let someone know. Hunting would be the fastest way to get positive cash flow. Even just showing up to loot. Be sure to check the events chat in game, not everything is posted or broadcast in discord. But you can easily walk away from a t6 hunt with 150k in this economy once you find places to sell it


Got a fatter wallet than i did an hour ago for sure. I appreciate ya!


and I still live there.

If you are talking about that shop in the sky over cloud city, that is still there, thou it is only passively kept stocked as the owner doesn’t actively play the game at this time, it can still be accessed from my portal hub.


Lol, I’m sorry. :wave:
It sounds like I was restocking shops. I get tunnel vision when it takes 4+ trips load everything up :woozy_face:


That’s awesome to hear! @Trundamere
I was telling my buddy to check you(@Jiivita) out because he was asking all kind of forge questions that i couldnt really remember.

@the-moebius it’s funny that we are distant neighbors again though I suppose I live a bit closer to your new location than i did to Aquatopia. I am Perrin in-game.

As per

Construction has begun on a new set of mazes. Level 1&2 are complete and fairly easy. I have an idea of how to increase the difficulty as well. A few ideas :smiling_imp:


You could ask for help. I’d be happy to help you transport good to sell.

I’m one his nearby neighbors as well. My place is the pyramid on the water. The Luminary settlement.

I’d be happy to donate tools/coin to you.

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I greatly appreciate the offer! However, I do enjoy doing the things myself. Maybe if there was something I could offer you in return, however, knowing the things i do about oortians, i dont think thatd be the case for me

I didnt realize my little spot was so populated with veterans!

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theres also a house by edwe and a tower that swede made


Well I’d be happy to help you gather the mats if you want to craft them yourself.

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You seem bored my friend! Are you looking for a new project to work on?

you talking bout my house :joy:

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I don’t play as often as I used to. Now split my time between WoW and Boundless.

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