Looking for a player called Grongash

Hi looking for a player called Grongash as the title says. myself and Hashmalash would like to speak to you regards a few plots that are baron and hindering the development of places (62 plots on phem with a prestige of 22).

please get in touch via the Cuttlepunk or Ultima discord


I tried to contact him as well several time, so if you can reach him let me know he also blocking several path outside the main town with random plots around pawn shop, behind and toward city center.

he might have a good gameplan and be buying useful plots ready for the future patch the developers mentioned where it may be possible to sell land :wink:

I live next to the pawn shop and so know the plots you refer to on finata. I have just been plotting around him directly tbh. Game is full of useful barren plots just ’ reserved ’

I’m not sure these plots were randomly placed there before I even started playing, I think it was more to block Ultima expension on release :stuck_out_tongue:

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@james as Hash was saying he has done it in a few places. the one in Phem is 62 plots in a line and 22 prestige

Beservona Hub he has a ton. Let me know. I want them :slight_smile:


Too necro a post but I think he’s renewed his gleam club cos when we could see beacon timers his plots on lamblis said they were done Thursday but I’ve logged in today and the beacons flaming away nicely. Hopefully he logs so we can talk to him

Have you tried messaging him on here? Last time he posted on the forums I’m pretty sure he said he wasn’t going to let any of his stuff die. Think he logs in every few month and fuels up with the top fuel which is 16weeks

Yeah if you check his profile the last posts were months ago and were about the same topic by the looks. He hasnt been active on the forum for a few months but the last thing he posted says he uses that name on here, on discord and in game i think.
Have you tried discord?

Have tried it all in the past, it was more of public service announcement because I know he’s got plots everywhere, I’ve come to terms that I’m stuck with deadspace

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A lot ppl had problems with him plotting everywhere and doing completly nothing with the plots. I had problems with him many times. I think @James should finally resolve this issue. cause i havnt seen this guy for a loooong time. Hes plots just blocks everyone doing nothing good whatsoever.

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Wouldnt be like hes losing anything it get rid of them

Hes posted about how the game isnt fun anymore too, id have to say after reading through his comments i dont think hes gonna be coming back anytime soon. But whos to say. Hopefully @james or someone can figure something out that’ll keep everyone happy though, must be frustrating especially when by the sounds of it they are a lot of empty plots.
But again, he argues in his posts that he has paid for his plots and isnt breaching CoC… Difficult subject i guess

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I remember this… we tried everything to contact this guy wayyyy back when Duskmore was originally called Blacklight. We tried forums, discord, direct messages, in game signs that politely requested he contact us. Never got any response. So just gave up and worked around the plots.

Grongash, the infamous squatter. All I wanted was a few blocks to connect a road on Bes. The ps hub isn’t even there anymore and he’s still clinging to the plots around where it used to be.


there’s another mayor squatter quit a big one
i have feeling people who can afford GC for a longtime when pissed off
can just go squat huge amount off city’s and quit game completely
leaving it stuck with the plots all over universe

i think they need to do something about it (specific to this example)
but its virtually impossible to find reason to delete them cause off the dev’s there own rulez

in meantime beside income GC was mostly put in game for soldiers and offshore workers

best off all if you are a insane rich person you can just buy out all planets for years haha no limit


If he plotted and bought GC you guys might be out of luck. Can you really take plots away from someone that is paying a subscription fee to save them? If the devs took his plots they would almost need to refund his GC money.

Sorry guys, that is a bad situation. I found a Grongash on the Atlas forum…he was talking about NMS and was active 2 days ago…I would bet it is most likely the same person.


Good luck you all. Hope you can get those un-beaconed


This is why I really think we need a system where a player can put a lean on another player’s plots, so maybe the player gets two weeks or a month to respond and keep their plots. Add a two month cool down to cut down on griefing.

And if the player is in the military and deployed where they cannot respond or ill and cannot respond? I know players that were deployed for 12 months at a time. So they knew ahead of time and bought gleam club so they can come back to their build and their stuff. I am sorry if there is a player that is taking advantage of the system, but I think to allow players to force a response. from another or they loose plots and whatever is on them is wrong and will damage the game.

To be honest if I have plotted somewhere, I do not owe anyone any response. If I am following the rules of the game as laid out by the developers, then no player should have any say as far as what happens to my plots or my build. Not always a good experience as I have had to deal with this also, but a fact in an mmo.


As much as taking plots and not using them or giving them back is annoying, i honestly think nothing can be done about it. People will always find a way around the rules even if some were put to prevent this specifically.