Looking for Bright Red Concrete

Hey everyone, Looking for some Bright Red Concrete.

Need ~300-400, Would like to pay 25c per, but we can negotiate.

Can anyone help me out?

Edit: It looks like my mission has changed, anyone have bright red paint?

I believe bright red sand is on Kada if that helps :slight_smile:
I’m not in the concrete business but let me know if you can’t find a guy and I’ll help out.

kada’s sand is WARM red

Far as I know there hasn’t been a planet yet with bright red rock, sand, or gravel. Which means you’d have to paint gravel and process it into sand and then concrete. Might be kind of hard to get the quantity you are looking for in a timely matter and will likely cost you more than 25c ea as 2 of the major ingredients cost at the very minimum 25c ea.

Now that’s I’m thinking about it you could buy paint and just paint the concrete lol. So 25-100c for paint and 25c for concrete

Only one I think

Sand - 172 Bright Red


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I may have some of that.
I’ll check tomorrow morning and if you don’t have any offers I may be able to get you some concrete.

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Doh list I was looking at isn’t up to date :persevere:

I use the @Gorillastomp list for checking exo colors.

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Lol should have refreshed my page cause that’s the one I was looking at :joy:

28c hand deal, if you want to pay shop stand price I probably have 3-400 in stock at Concrete Complete at Nova Golda Market

Wait! What? Bright red? yeah no, that’s an exo colour, that would be 69c per…

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Does 1 gravel/Sand turn into more than 1 concrete? If so I could paint that them and end up with more.

I don’t need it right now, i’m still getting my new base setup

If you paint rock and break it into gravel and then Sand you will get lot more.

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Would you do 55c/per? Don’t have to much cash flow at the moment.

Awesome, let me know if you end up having some :slight_smile:

Uhm seems like closest thing I have is

Ashen red
Cool red
Light red

Dang, yeah I might end up get painting some stone, so that I can get all I need.

That being said, anyone have Bright Red paint?

You could check at Gyosha Mall and DK Mall, those places have shops selling paint.

On DK you can find Vangoo shop it has the sprays sorted by color shades irrc

Nice i’ll have to check when I get home, do you happen to know the conversion amt of rock -> concrete?

72 rock will give you 100 gravel, which will give you 100 sand + gravel leftovers.
But you will need more combustion, then again I think its easier to find combustion than paint so you might as well paint the rock.


36 sand give you 50 concrete


Thanks for the info, i’ll have to do some shoppin when I get home.