Boundless Universe Worlds Entities Color DB

This Database contains every planets that passed by the Boundless Universe to this day (permanent to temporary worlds except the first 3 exoworlds).

Still a WIP but i think the infos is good to share for now.

I will update this DB when a new planet will pop-up.


Thanks for this, bookmarked! :partying_face:
Out of interest, what was the first ever exo that spawned, do you know?

Thank you ever so much! This will help with working out my new storage.


Btw Chen is on there twice?

That’s because it’s a lastname that appears often??? :smiley:

Funny thing is, I know because there’s this bookseries, SF of course, that I read a while ago, can’t remember the titles so quickly, hmmm, well, in it there are multiple planets with humans living on them and only recently they discovered them (turned out an ancient race scattered us humans around the universe) and there was this planet where most people looked rather Asian and to blend in on earth they used the lastname Chen.

Awesome work with the exos as usual. Thanks @Gorillastomp.

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Much appreciated, very useful!! :grinning::+1: Many times when an exo drops I like to look and see what is new on the block colors.

These are :

Fixed, Thanks!

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I don’t know if it’d end up disorienting, but I wanted to know if it’s possible to add a color overlay, or some way to differentiate the Perm and Temp planets at a glance, such as a different color tone for the cells.

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Yeah i will in the future, but you can create a filter for it if you want so they are filtered by perm or temp for now.

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I’m not very skilled at google docs, but I’ll keep an eye out for that. Thank you. øwø;

Yea vivid moss needs to pop again it’s a ultra rare again lol