Looking for Brown rock


I’m looking for some brown rock.

Since we can’t make wooden storage containers (we really should be able to) I want to find some rock that’s light or dark brown.

I’ve looked all over and can’t find any.

Does it exist?



Mustard/orange rock looks brown imo. The atmosphere on your planet might slightly alter some colors tho.


Best thing to do is go to a good rock shop - they have every color on display



Man. I just went to that shop … makes you want to cry


Call me weird, but I like to farm materials.

Buying mats seems like cheating to me. Lol


Yeah it’s not a shop - more of a gallery. It’s REALLY worth a visit.

I’m happy to show it to you


Call in to Boori - you will find brown igneous and metamorphic (official in-game names of their colors is something with mustard).


They have the wooden shelves. It holds 4 stacks also. If you wanted the wood look.


I suggest you the night orange if you want a dark brown … personally I like. You can find him to Gloviathosa.

Just to help you choose, you can come to see all the existing colors by traveling in the portal “Quebec” that you can find in shopping alley in Finata and in the US East Hub from Gyosha Ophin to Finata


The wood version of storage blocks is called Storage Shelf:

It looks like this:

If you want it to be a storage block, then there are a few brownish rocks that could look like wood, I would suggest looking for those two:


Keep in mind that the lighting conditions can dramatically change how those things look when placed in game.


Going a little off topic, it would be great if you could make storage units from wood, metal (!) etc (gleam…hmm…).

Signs and doors got more varied with mats used, so hopefully storage will get a look in down the line.


Start that in suggestions, Would be awesome and help a ton of builds.


In the meantime, you could make 'em look a bit different by adding doors in front of the storage units. :slight_smile:

Gleam signs work too but it’s more for display purposes if the storage unit is more than 2x3, since you’d have to access it from the sides/top without breaking the sign. 2 wide, 3 high should work by clicking on the middle storage block on either side, and 2 high by 3 wide if clicking from the bottom / top, same idea.


Haha i just saw the igneous on boori and came here to suggest it :stuck_out_tongue: