Looking for forged golden fists

Just recently started playing again, and my hunter is spec’d with golden fists in mind. I’m looking for what is currently the best set up for a forged golden fist.

I have no idea what works best for buffs, but let me know if anyone has anyone or could make some for me.


I know a shop in Legendville mall that has them

Boori mall in Boori has some for sale my stall Miits and totes :smiley: blank and forge ones

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I tried to find some good ones a day or two ago…no luck. I have some cheap low-end forged ones on Gyosha. They should show up on the shop scanner.

Most of the ones I come across don’t have any range added to them. I always make/buy gold fists w CH, CD, and max range.

People want range on gold fists? I figured (crit, crit chance/speed and base damage > everything else)was best?

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Everybody is different - I personally won’t buy a fist if it doesn’t have range on it. I need that for meteor hunts. Extra damage is fine, but I don’t need it with my skills and occasional brew. The fist will one or two shot most things. :+1:t3:

Being a crit base weapon I usually focus on that but I can see that being an option. For iron fists though they definitely become snipers. Max range, damage, and armor/light/loot (definitely my go to)

If I use fists. I normally double fist it. One with auto loot, hard as nails and durability. The other with damage, action Speed and range(or critical)

I should have a few in Giorgio Oortmani’s in the legendville mall.

I will be forging more soon as my selection is limited right now.

I like to grapple to a tower during hunts (so that I don’t get hit on the ground with bombs or yeeted by wildstock)…and sniper shoot everything. So grapple in one hand, fist in the other


@Lesioui sells a couple of them at the Sasquatch shop in Legendville Mall and at our hunt lobby on Alder

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OK, I’ll go check it out. Message me when you get back to forging and let me know what you come up with.

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Are the iron ones better? I just assumed the gold had a bit of an edge over iron.

I like to be right in the middle of it. Speed brew is a must as well. A fast fist is like a machine gun. It’s fun jumping to the side when a wildstock is charging you.

I’ll be on in a couple hours. I’m sure I have some on a shelf somewhere too. I’ll just give you a couple.

I been playing a fist build since 1.0 and so I can honestly say that Yes, gold are stronger because they are a crit base weapon if you use it as such. And elementals creatures appear to be damage every time as long as long as it crits.(it will resist a lot of non-crits tho) however Iron is dirt cheap to make, base damage is good so you don’t gotta focus on 3 different boons you can play around with range, speed, tough as nails, is super effective up T4 and you begin seeing a decrease it the effectiveness at T5s. (Most hunts are happening at t4s so an iron fist is definitely a viable option and it doesn’t have arch like bows)

(Of course if you got gem weapons I would suggest using gem bows at t5+ over fists)

The Golden Fist doesn’t have any good ones? @majorvex

I especially prefer gold fists over bows on T6s & T7s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like the simplicity of the fists. The gem bows and augments and types make me dizzy. But I could likely figure it out I suppose.

I used to buy mine from there all the time, but it seemed like their stock dwindled a bit and I wasn’t able to find any that I liked. Haven’t been there in awhile.

I started getting Skylight to make mine bc he was able to forge them to my specs

Another question while I’m sure it’s posted somewhere else. Does anyone have a recommended skill spec for fists? Most of the choices are obvious, but I figured I’d ask.