Looking for people that would be interested in making a underground citiy


I’m looking for people who would be interested in maybe starting a underground city with me


I’d need more details on your plan and long-term goals, but potentially.


Already got one started on mkrib. Anyone can add on. It is t6 though so those rocks are tough. I would love to have a bustling city run on diamonds tho :grin:


If it weren’t for the lag and the rock being so dark on Malu, I’d have considered joining at some point, but now I’m trying to stick solely to European-region worlds so I can prevent myself from complaining about connection issues like I had on Houchus I. :smile:


My long term goal would be to have a medivel styled city under ground and it to be active and possibly take 1 of a planet sooner or later


I suggest checking Sorissi (EU) out. It has massive caves that are rly beautiful


Sorissi is US East


Thx. I was wrong. You are right


How do I find it?


I’m interested - is it a cavern city? I’d love to build something like the D’ni from the game Myst


Either through Iconic’s resource network or just a few bricks south of ps hub.


If that’s the goal, you can count me in as well!
It’s 2nd place on my list of boundless life goals! :joy:


I’ve never played Myst but I’m still super game for getting something like this going. I’ve been looking for a group to start fresh with since shortly after launch so just let me know if this is something people actually want to do!


Like @Buugi said Sorissi has a lot of nice cave systems. My main base uses some and my vault I’m building is in a cave system. Eventually going to plot from one to the other


Id be interested in Joining in on this, I originally wanted to build an Atlantis style build in an ocean somewhere but because of the game mechanics that would be a wasted effort, so an underground build would a great alternative, thinking Moria but with some Skyrim blackreach influences.


I guess we first need to find out what timezones we’re all in and whether we’re PC or PS4 players. US-East and PC here, but right now i mainly play on AUS servers so I’m good to go wherever.


I have always wanted a huge underground city in the game. Had dreams of starting one myself, but decided it was too big a project to tackle myself and at the time no one seemed super interested in it. My wife and I are currently building our own “floating” city, so I can’t donate a lot in terms of plots, but if you want some help digging I will be more than happy to lend a hand. :grinning:


Been lookin for a underground city


I initially wanted to make an underground medieval city but opted not to. Making a cave system big enough to be good looking requires an insane amount of plots, especially if you are going to make a big city. With the plot system that we have, I already see myself spending so many plots just to keep trees from respawning, I could never see myself build large scale underground sadly.

But if you ever wanna talk medieval ideas with me, I am definitely all for it! I have a medium sized medieval town in the works and love to share ideas and such with other avid medieval builders!

Here is one screenshot from the screenshot post.


Sounds like it’ll be great!

I’d recommend doing some tests first though and planning around the results, I think there some awkward mechanics that can make massive underground builds work poorly.

For example, unless something has changed (and it could have done, it’s been a good while since I looked into it), a sufficiently large cave can be built that the chunks at the other side aren’t loaded. When that happens, you’ll just see daylight in the distance, which really ruins the cave aesthetic.