Looking for people that would be interested in making a underground citiy


I have a build in a cave system and I love how the lighting works from the holes that lead above ground. I have hidden lighting in my build but in the day time you can see everything more clearly since the light comes down.


@xmayhemx this sounds like a heck of an amazing idea!!!

As @Clexarews said; what are your ideas for this? Or art concepts? If I’m not mistaken, the amazing Habbabba(?) Has built a pretty neat underground Yoda hut looking city and posted pics on the forum here. He would be a good person to talk to about building under there. Asking questions such as, “what was the hardest part” “how do you plot plan the build” and “where to start once its all excavated”. Or heck, the always amazing @FireAngelDth is already here! I’d talk to him too about that.

@QuimbyBoundless that place is gorgeous!!! I was looking to build something like that on my raxxa plots, cause those old medieval builds have always priqued my interests, but couldn’t find the right inspiration in game to pull ideas from. Would it be alright if I borrowed a couple ideas from you from that pic? Mainly the dock idea?

@FireAngelDth I’d love to see some screen shots of your beautiful cave build! Maybe the OP can pull some ideas off that too?


When I get on I’ll post it. I Find it beautiful but it’s a vault and still a wip. So I dunno how much inspiration they’ll get


Thanks! Glad someone appreciates it!
You are free to copypaste everything if you like. Feel free to PM me at anytime if you have any questions or need ideas in general :slight_smile:


still can’t find you :frowning:

Found you !!


I checked out Sorissi and the caves are nice but also there’s water by the mantle, not lava. I also looked at Till b/c the surface seems to fit the aesthetic people like but the caves are tiny and the rock is a weird color. Anyone find any better locations? I remember one of the old test worlds had giant caves with like gleam trees inside and it remains one of the coolest things I’ve seen in this game. Somewhere like that would be awesome.


You want to build at the mantel? Also didn’t think water would be a deal breaker. Easier to work with over lava.


I want to build at an altitude low enough that creating a cavern would not break the roof and expose the sky in order to fit with an underground city. Mantle seems to be the best bet for that. And easier to work with yes, but water doesn’t really fit the aesthetic of the pictures of D’ni that @DKPuncherello and @Kirinvar posted.


Hmm I thought that was water n lava in those pictures


Right but we’re confined to the looks of Boundless and water doesn’t glow orange like that :smiley:


Hi all

I recently started a underground city on malurialakrib it was going to be 20x20x3.

when I started digging it out I noticed creatures just started randomly spawning I’m assuming it was because off the massive open space that I had created.

It became very annoying to the point off where I was dying more time then I wanted to.

I stopped in the end thinking it wouldn’t be good to invite people to live there and they had nowhere to run and hide.

Just thought I would share my experience.


That actually sounds like a lovely way to farm eyes and trophies hahaha


My base on McRib is partially built 1 block under lava for that very reason :smiling_imp:


Maybe your on to something with the farm eyes .

I also noticed if your going to build on the mantle you tend to get stuck to it for a bit not sure if it is just McRib but a lot of the time I was just unable to move had to jump all the time.


Mantle issues


But if your looking for spectacular big caves with lava pools McRib is the planet you seek.


It’s pools of lava in most cases sit at level 7 so it perfect plot just above level 8 and make a hole instant lava lake :+1:


I’d suggest a tier 3 or 4. How about Till? Or Imdaari?
It takes too long to build on high tier lol.

I’d suggest everyone plan on plotting up 10 plots to make for a solid looking cavern.


Should have taken these when it was sunnier out but I was impatient.


Till didn’t seem like a great choice when I checked it out earlier. I’ll swing by Imdaari right now and see what it looks like.