Looking for people that would be interested in making a underground citiy


This is under my place in Kol Huroo. :slight_smile: :fire:

There’s plenty of other areas like this in Kol Huroo though, mainly under mountains or under floating cliff-mountain things.


Yes exactly like this


Till does sound good I’m also on a tier 3 rugged coal planet called glothovisa


I would suggest staying away from the original release worlds as they are generally bad for very big caves, there was an issue on release when the first worlds generated, they didn’t spawn large caves like we had in EA, the issue was solved pretty much straight away so any that came after had a much higher chance of generating larger spaces underground.


Ah, when I got back to the game after release I had noticed this about low tier worlds but thought it was coincidence. Good to know. :slight_smile:


So is this idea still a GO? i would really want to make an underground city with people!


The idea is still very much still alive just didn’t want to build it alone