Looking for shops that Buy (and sell) Rocks

Title says it all. I need a list of shops that Buy natural resources. Mainly rocks, but soils, sand, mud, etc.

Are there any that buy rocks anymore? I just searched for a couple hours yesterday and didn’t find anything of note.

I’ve got wood. 3rd floor ultima mall. Buy and sell

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Thanks so much for the info. I’ll check out your shop later on this evening :slight_smile:

Anyone got the rock/natural resource hookup?

We buy and sell all rock colors at 🌍 Worlds Warehouse—Raw Block Shop & Color Reference (and aim to eventually cover all raw resources)

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Excellent! Thank you for the info! I’ll stop by later :slight_smile: Any others?

Looking for a few more options to sell and buy rocks and other natural resources… can anyone point me to a few more shops like this?

Any others?

Looks like everyone try to sell their refined stones.

Over at the InfiniPlexx, we just setup our Rock/wood/soil shop stands. No request baskets yet. Also selling Mud and “odd blocks” like growth, tangle, thorns. Stock will grow, so check back often

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