Looking for stark yellow grass

Gnarled, Verdant, or Barbed. I need ~400 or so. Afaik, there are no worlds with this color. I know it has been on exo planets before though. If I’m wrong, I’d love to be told so and where I can go gather it :slight_smile:

Looks like its been on a few Exos as Verdant

Elerian 6
Pakrabus B
Yibirios V

And one Exo as Gnarled

Alpha IV


Oh geez, didn’t realize it was that rare… I should’ve gathered more when I had the chance- I only got 200 ;.;

I normally don’t grab a bunch of grass from Exo’s but I will see what i have in storage in a few minutes.

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I have 100 you can have… can meet in the middle of the TNT megahub

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Hopping on. If anyone else has any I’ll still need some :slightly_smiling_face:

I have 258 for you

It’s in a pink gleam chest on the stage in the hunt lobby.


How many you need

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Thank you very much! :smiley:

And @BabyCookie how much you got? I didn’t take into account that I need to use more seeds to grow the grass :grimacing:

Are you still looking for the grass @Bonez307 ?

I don’t know when I grabbed these since I don’t usually collect grass but I have 2ss of Verdant.

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Yes, I am still needing some. Would you like to meet up, or maybe put it in a shop stand?

Sorry for later reply… During the week it’s an early night for me since I’m up at 4am for work… They are set aside in my storage for you. I should be on later on today around 4-6pm Canadian Est time. I will PM you when I’m actually on then I will hand them over to you :slight_smile:

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No worries, I respect the grind :+1:t2:

Also, I appreciate it! What would you like for them?

Thought I had some but guess not sorry but if the color is unlocked on sov planet I let you know Mmmkay :cookie:

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The special price everyone loves… FREE… they would just sit there in my storage for years to come… so you are doing me a favor of clearing up some space in my storage for more hoarding :stuck_out_tongue:


This community is the best- every one of you gave them to me for free :smiley:


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