[Pakrabus B] --[Savage Blink Exoworld]--

Name : Pakrabus B
Type : Blink
Tier : 7
Atmosphere : Volatile Lvl 7
42 blinksecs of KOL HUROO
Warp Cost : 3400c
Last until February 12, 2020 10:30 PM
Server : EU Central

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.
[ :boom: = Exoworld Color Only ]

Gleam - 225 Cold Tan

Igneous - :boom:196 Cold Lime
Metamorphic - :boom:150 Cool Mint
Sedimentary - 175 Cold Berry

Ancient - :boom:196 Cold Lime
Lustrous - :boom:181 Weary Teal
Twisted - :boom:228 White

Exotic - :boom:196 Cold Lime
Lush Foliage - :boom:197 Cold Viridian
Waxy - :boom:191 Crisp Yellow

Clay - :boom:108 Pale Moss
Peaty - :boom:109 Ashen Mint
Silty - :boom:187 Weary Yellow

Barbed - :boom:196 Cold Lime
Gnarled - :boom:150 Cool Mint
Verdant - :boom:190 Stark Yellow

Ash - :boom:182 Cool Grey
Gravel - :boom:196 Cold Lime
Glacier - 228 White
Growth - :boom:228 White
Ice - 228 White
Mould - :boom:215 Light Viridian
Mud - :boom:104 Pale Tan
Sand - :boom:226 Luminous Taupe
Sponge - :boom:228 White
Tangle - :boom:147 Stark Green
Thorn - :boom:107 Light Yellow

Cloneflower - :boom:174 Luminous Violet
Gladeflower - :boom:176 Luminous Blue
Ghostflower - :boom:199 Crisp Teal
Spineflower - :boom:155 Bright Azure

Desert Sword - :boom:176 Luminous Blue
Oortian’s Staff - :boom:175 Cold Berry
Rosetta Nox - :boom:199 Crisp Teal
Spineback Plant - :boom:177 Luminous Azure
Stardrop Plant - :boom:228 White
Traveller’s Perch - :boom:194 Luminous Green
Trumpet Root - :boom:191 Crisp Yellow
Twisted Aloba - :boom:223 Luminous Tan

Branch Funnel - :boom:108 Pale Moss
Clustered Tongue - :boom:147 Stark Green
Glow Cap - :boom:228 White
Mottled Tar Spot - :boom:147 Stark Green
Tinted-Burst - :boom:191 Crisp Yellow
Weeping Waxcap - :boom:151 Cool Teal

Resources Tab

Video brought to you by @majorvex



Woah two now. Haha happy day to us

3 all launched at the same time actually

Nice! That’s good for us!


Completed atlases and some free location tokens now ready at the usual place at Exo Explorers on Lasaina (main portals from TNT Megahub and PS Hub Boori)

Some resource in atlas pics



Purple Serenade now has completed atlases of the new blink exo Pakrabus B ! For those who haven’t been able to go yet, we are situated in both DK Mall on Tana VII and Gyosha Mall on Gyosha. Come take a look !



By the name it sounds like your kind of planet. Lol. My guess is the B stands for Bucfan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hehe, good point!! :wink: Let’s keep this one as a permanent… or maybe all three! :grin:

Absolutely nothing better than a snowy weekend with three T7 exos up! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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anyone found mud? its new and i think this color only comes from gleambow event
i found single mud block in small sponge/mould tree - token at ps kol huroo hub

@Soju-VB thanks for tokens, helpfull as always :slight_smile:




Had anyone found white growth?

Pakrabus B T7-Blink (Volatile Lvl 7) exo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam is the same as Kol Huroo so I didn’t bother… Also have tokens to Lust, Ancient trees, Sand, Gravel, Ash Mould and Sponge …enjoy my friends :slight_smile:


looking for TANGLES

anyone saw them?

Little petrolim-fall

And a glowing non-exo sighting during today’s Pakrabus trip.


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