LORE: News from AXON regarding the Emblem/Logo of the nation and of our military brothers and sisters of the SPQR

With the recent Emoji release the city council of the great nation of Axon has finally been able to place our central logo in place… A X :eight_pointed_black_star: N will now also be represented by the emoji :eight_pointed_black_star:

The Axon Science Ministry will continue to use their logo /-\ on all official locations.

The SPQR , newcomers to our world of Biitula and a proud part of our great city will use the logo
adopted by the SPQR Senate which is from now on SP :crossed_swords: QR

All eight pointed stars in the Universe are either official AXON locations or a quiet nod of support from other builders throughout the known worlds!

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At least your not putting Iron crosses everywhere anymore.


Well crosses are not my area… for that you may want to contact the Axon monestary over in the Floribus Montes District… and yes that is for real! :wink: For the record the only iron cross is a tiny one at the Crusader Square hub and its really a signpost welcoming you to Axon…I could be mistaken…but I am pretty sure.

do you mean the :eight_pointed_black_star: emoji or 8 pointed star shape made of blocks ?

just curious, but either way the asnwer to that is: ‘’…what? Of course they aren’t. :smiley: ‘’

Incorrect… This logo is older than you can imagine…
You are Welcome to use the 8 pointed star…thanks

exactly! when I use :eight_pointed_black_star:, I’m quietly nodding to Tomatoes!
the issue is that it’s an emoji readily available to everyone, including people who don’t know or don’t care what Axon is.
sign saying ‘yay Axon’’ is a nod to Axon. star emoji is a star emoji.


I’m a bit behind the times when it comes to emojis but from my rear view this one just looks pukka (uk=excellent) :ok_hand:

Is there any reason you feel the need inject drama into a lore post? If you do not wish to participate then Move Along to the next post please.
Lore is a story a narrative…making the Universe alive with history, legends, mysteries and more. Feel free to make up your own Lore and post for the community to enjoy…

So if you want to be supportive of my lore stories i welcome you. If not then do not participate please… otherwise that is a form of harassment against the TOS of Boundless and will be escalated up for Developer involvement.

I am NOT in any way offended or upset… i am assuming you probably misinterpretated a Lore story post meaning you could not use the Emoji because somehow someone owns it if that was the case let me assure you Lore is just for Fun!

Though for the record a green 8 pointed star in a red circle with horizontal blue and green stripes DOES belong to me today and will be passed to next generation…and it is far older than you can imagine

Referring to the painting? My 6 year old grandson would be hurt if pukka means what I think it does.


I mean it as excellent :+1:

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Community, please be respectful to one another. Thank you.


Oh ouch … i feel like a heel!!

I will pass that along to him… his other painting next to it was his vision of a city. He is Amazing!

…and for your kind words you are too!

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that is not my intention at all!

I take issue with this thing that you said:

‘‘All eight pointed stars in the Universe are either official AXON locations or a quiet nod of support from other builders throughout the known worlds!’’

no stripes mentioned (which do make it unique and in all aspects a functional logo)

with the information provided at the time of my response, using the emoji in game unknowingly could cause confusion. that is all.


When you make your own lore story it is all yours… when I make a lore story it is mine. I have no business having issue with yours, and neither do you with mine… and that is the final word on that…

Also…at least I am trying to contribute lore stories into the Boundless Universe… rather than this drama you are injecting to my Posts, why not create your own lore for your city and your part of the Boundless Universe.

PLEASE do Not respond again in this thread @Apt …this is harassment and I will report it . YOU are welcome to Private Message me, but posting here is Hijacking my lore post and all.

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I feel @Apt has a good point. You can not claim a emoji or the letter “W for example” as yours. These symbols and emojis are for everyone to share. I may want to post a news board and use that as a symbol for breaking news.

Now if you could build the symbol ingame out of blocks that would be different. Tho i do believe building that would not turn out right.


Excellent pies indeed!

BTW Your Grandson is very talented.

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You may want to reread my last post Orrian… Lore is a story… you could make a Lore story revealing the tale of a team from Icon blowing up the Arch of Axon…BOOM!! Took down Crusader Square Tower too in AN EPIC EXPLOSION SEEN FROM CORINTH!! its your lore story… have fun with it. Its YOUR story. The Arch of Axon will still be there, an eternal monument of Biitula screaming “AXON IS BIITULA, BIITULA IS HOME” until long after you or I my friend and that is a another story!

Better than me for sure lol

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I thought your Lore was fun. Claim what you want as a universal lore symbol. I would assume being LORE, the only issue would really happen when/IF you challenged somebody who used the symbol as their own, when you have no legal rite to it, but I don’t believe this will be the case. So have fun with it…