Lore: The Oortphabet

Oort Online will contain a unique ancient Oort language. The style will fit in with the theming of the world and visual style. There are 2 parts to it.

  1. Characters that will be used to represent words and text in the game, such as planet names, region names, player names, etc. These will be simple for you to understand and translate.

  2. Ancient symbols left behind by the Oort. You may have seen these in the rock texture, the hammer head, etc. These are symbols rather than letters. These will be much harder for you to decipher and understand. But they will be something for you to discover and collect.

We posted a few examples over the weekend for you to play with. (Now with spelling corrections. It seems the Oort are dyslexic):

Examples of the ancient symbols are here and here.


Heck yes! This is discovery.

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Hint: Look at my usercard on here now! (Thanks to the Oort Elves)

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Thanks Squidgy, consider yourself a Wikimaster (badge awarded)


What this needs is a set of blocks, one for each letter that can be placed against other blocks to give the letters a slight raised appearance
alternatively a flat block that can be chiseled somehow to form the letters