Lost all the location markers titles


I have a lot of “location Markers” to friend houses, mines, nice sites…, all Planets and Moons.

Unfortunatelly, I have lost all the names of these sites.
I only remember one, “Red Gleam”, since I saved them with a block of Red Gleam.

I have houses in all the planets and moons, in some several, and in each one I keep the locators markers of the planet where the house is.
It is possible to recover the names of the location markers?.


I have the same problem. Especially frustrating when I had a massive storage area full of saved locations (which is only necessary because of the saved locations limit.) I plan in future to use signs to label stored locations, but it would definitely be good to be able to recover the names somehow.


It would also be useful to be able to read the name of the place (location maker) by passing the mouse pointer.
Thanks for your comment @142857


bumping this betulix is awesome player please help him :slight_smile: hes been around as long as the game

Thanks !!! @the-moebius :slight_smile:

Yes, I have discovered and used and saved Locatons of Betulix’ web of Portals - very useful and TY! Hope all my footfall adds up! :joy:

Thanks for the screenshots. I’ll get someone to look at the issue.

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:slight_smile: Thanks. !!