Lost parts of reclaim

What ive reconized that i also lost my 4 full SS of Coal-infused Combustion Particle and also all my Enriched Combustion Particle and Compact Combustion Particle too …@james

All together thats Not funny to loose so many Things and all that i lost IS Not some meat or so all high end products or materials …or Things you have to Farm a Lot in These Numbers i Had.

Perhaps i get some Help in the future to get m stuff Back and will keep an eye to keep this Post Open …

Boy that makes me nervous. I’ve never reclaim
ed anything that big. I hope you get your stuff back :frowning:

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I had the same thing happen and I got really discouraged by this. I Play in creative a bit but can’t bring myself to start over without my gathered goods/money from years and years


i can confirm the reclaim issue I lost a lot to a while ago (year+) we talking 10’s of millions I never got an answer for that
also, I might still have videos of it happening, that when I reclaimed parts of the build were intact and not turned to ash. , how i lost my stuff, so BE WARNED if you do reclaim, please check if it actually reclaimed everything and turned to ash