Reclaim not worked correct , lost parts of inventory

I reclaimed Pharao’s Kingdom on Arie with over 42 Million Prestige and didn t recieved everything…

What i know for Sure IS i lost all my centra Forge advanced coils and all my chrysominter coils also i think i ve 12 Pigment coils less, but Not Sure with that
I lost all my pulsating orbs , oh No i got 1 in my reclaim…
Lost several cheasts of fresh and ancient essence and glue .

Don t know what lost more but These Things i know for Sure .
Can someone Check this ??
Perhaps i ll be able to get my stuff Back somehow ???
Greetings Turrican2006

How big was the place/how many plots? Im throwing a wild guess but did you reclaim the area on a beacon before all the plots were reclaimed?

IT where nearly 30 k Plots i reclaimed…
I dont know i started the reclaim over night when i went to bed …

Hmmmm @HOST had back then also the feeling he did not get everything back! Is there a limit prestige or block wise maybe and everything that reaches far over that limit gets deleted or something?

So i think i ve managed to find the Problem that i lost parts of my inventory reclaiming my beacon !!!

I did a new beacon this Had 28k Plots again but my compactness was 70% !!! And all was plotted together 2 plotts high .

You See on the Picture nearly 30 percent on the right bottom IS Not Green even IT belongs to the beacon !!! IT does n t Count !!!

So i was repliotting today and found Out that 200 plotts in a row IS the max then you keep 100 % compactness more plotts and you lose compactness…

I even added more rows to the Side and still have 100% even i have now more Plots in total in the beacon !!!

That bring’s me to Arie and my reclaim there that beacon was about 300 to 400 Plots Long and this must have been the Same withe the compactness, but never watched IT.
So my thought IS all i lost was in the Same black area you See on the Picture i posted from new beacon

And all i lost was truly very Close together in chests and Machines.

So WE know now that there IS a compactness Limit from 200 Plots in a row.
Hope @james you can do something with that information and Help or remove that Limit .

Hope i could Help others too to be save in the Future.

Greetings Turrican2006


So your telling me no not make cookie kingdom bigger?

You’re definitely fine if you never ever reclaim :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ooh yea True

Have you already removed everything from your reclaim or are you still viewing it on the beacon?

No i have cleared the reclaim IT were about nearly 19 Million peaces , luckly i Had most of important Things Forge Materials , oort , kindling ,combustion and Most Other stuff already @ Pharao’s Kingdom.
I cleared the reclaim Last sunday.

@cookie If you Don t Care about compactness or never reclaim it you can Plot AS far AS you want , but If Not you should keep that in mind .

Greetings Turrican2006

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