Lost Settlement Status

Logged into to find we lost our settlement status. Not sure my I have 9000 on my beacon and friend has over 11,0000 our beacons are touching as well. His being that high is still not counting on a settlement.

We have only one building at this time that is on my half but he has two large stair cause towers going up in the sky and a large platform up there being built on.

Are there some specific rules to that settlement status?

look at the top of your screen, there should be some text

beacon name - settlement name - region - planet

Walk through each claimed plot (no need to go up and down, just walk through a claimed plot side-to-side) and find the plots that don’t contain the settlement name. Claim more plots beside (not above/below) those plots not being detected as part of the settlement.

Note that settlement detection happens once every 30 seconds so it takes a bit for it to update to see if it worked. Check your beacon for the timer.

EDIT: if an area is too narrow, it will be detected as a road and not count towards your settlement. If a beacon is part of two settlements then it will not count prestege toward either settlement.

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could be a couple things. are the beacons touching?
also are they connected by one plot?

there’s an algorithm in the game that checks if settlements are connected by less than 3 plots wide and considers it a road and removes the settlement status on one (or both?) settlements.
just connect the settlements together with more than 2 plots and you should be back to one settlement.
hope that helps

We lost settlement status as well - My Beacon has got 14K prestige, im suspecting its got something to do with the me and my friends beacon touching, because of some merging issues or something - just extremely frustrating.

We are connect by 3 plots currently

do you mean




(where X is you, Y is your friend, and C is the connection)

So, for example, if one beacon is the 1s here, and another beacon is the 2s here, the green areas get detected as separate settlements, then because beacon 2 has plots in both the left and right settlement, it doesn’t get counted for either. Either widen the road or put the road on a separate beacon.



So based on what your saying is if there are single plots between, each one of those plots needs it’s own beacon to be able to merge settlements so there isn’t a gap?so the 3 number 2s would each need a beacon in the middle to link up to the 1s?

no it’s because the game sees 1 plot wide as a “road” and not a settlement… they could all have separate beacons in them but still consider it a road. The connection must be 3 wide at least

Ok. So to what end will it connect everything? We have 3 plots touching on the ground, then we both have 2 towers going about 9 plots high on each side but not touching then in the sky our plots touch again. So the stairwells because the are one plot in elevation each and not touching breaks the settlement status? Doesn’t make sense to so that if its touching at the bottom and our own plots are touching in multiple areas.

as an example


so the green areas are settlements, 1, 2, and 3 and different beacons. so 3 beacons total. because no beacon touches both settlements you’re good!

only the top-down view matters. The settlement detection ignores the height of the claimed plot, and ignores if there are multiple plots above/below eachother.

Maybe some top-down screenshots may help. draw some lines on it to show the plotted areas.

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image so i would say this is kinda what we have on the botttom. Mine yellow and hers blue. Then from there on the left and right sides are our towers going up

then we touch again at the top … then i have more

an option for these plots are touching someone elses, do you wish to merger with them? should be implemented and you both have to click yes

Maybe give it a 24 hour timer (in case the other person does not log on that day) and when they next enter the game from the sanctum they should get a pop-up saying xx wants to merge, do you accept?


Definitely need a merge option, example would be this since we didnt really build a road but a stairwell and that isn’t the same or shouldn’t be considered the same thing.

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so it looks like you have a long road in the sky. I think the platform is being detected as another settlement. Split it onto a separate beacon and that should solve the issue. Or make the road wider.

Are the stairwells we have considered “roads” too? I want all my plots to add to our settlement prestige and not be separated

Looks like we got it. I needed to claim a second row of plots across that path in the sky. So its 2 plots wide and that seemed to link it all up! Really appreciate the advice!

I just tried increasing the size of my beacon - this did not work for me at all :confused:

no vertical doesn’t matter. Only the horizontal arrangement. That sky platform doesn’t matter that it’s in the sky, it only matters that it’s a road horizontally to your other platform