Lovestruck Event starts today at 1200 UTC!

Can someone post the recipes/mass craft for the event items?

They are in the refinery.

I’m at work.

Also at work going from memory the heart shaped balloons were 2 hearts, 1 flotation sac, 1 gleam. Gleam determined color. I looked at the other recipes which also required 2 hearts but don’t remember the rest of their ingredients

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Cold berry sed and warm yellow sed:


Cant remember all, but i made a video; always 36 rocks for a mass though; bulks need 8 rocks for each item.

There is tangle and refined rock involved in the column and raw gleam with flotation sack for the ballons (I think it was 18 sacs for mass).

I show the math somewhere in the middle of the video. I explain the steps and how trading works there too and show the crafted items:

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Man, those are nice.

I’m going to be really annoyed when I can’t get enough hearts.

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Thought you couldn’t find them. Here are the recipes for single crafts.

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Personally I like the snow and hate to ever see it go but it needs to be less for sure per person and per zone… it hits too often on me and does get annoying…


Where do you make the flower bouquet to trade

Found it they r tractable in a table.

What color gleam did they use to make the flower vase and balloons in the sanctum?
Where can we find that gleam?

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I think we should be able to trade with everyone once every 12-24 hours. I mean, 24 hours after this special event began, most of us have traded with everyone that we can and that’s it.

Sadly, I’m probably not going to host anymore Lovestruck gatherings, because we can’t trade anymore. Great concept & love the new items though.



Yea fully agree I need to trade 20 more times so I can make a another mass craft

Pfffft. I’m 30 away from my first.

No one is on when I play and a startling number of people had no idea what I was doing.

From messages in discord it sounds like the devs are specifically experimenting with the first truly finite resource in the game. We can’t get more hearts without there being more players.

So I don’t think they will loosen the restriction this time around. I think it’s good feedback that the power gamers will orchestrate meeting every player in the game in the first 24hrs and then ask “now what?”

But I also think we as players should continue to participate in the devs’ experiment. Player-run events only reach the players who read forums/discord. There are still plenty of ppl out there to get a heart from. I now carry roses with me all the time and check everyone that passes by. I’m sure I’ll meet new ppl this way which imo is the point of the event.

Maybe we will even invent a way in-game to run these sorts of things which has widespread application in organizing many more events. We need the constraint to motivate us toward that solution, if there is one.

Adding a 24 hour timer will mean all the power gamers meeting up in a room every day to trade, which doesn’t provide any incentives to escape the forum/discord clique.

Edit: And I must also add… Don’t sell your hearts cheaply! They are easily the rarest material in the game.


I think the issue with this event was very clear = it required people. We had 2 days of tons of people wanting to trade flowers and then it dropped off massively. This weekend I have barely found anyone willing to trade or that has an interest to… so I’m stuck not able to participate in the event compared to if I could just go search for the item.

I do admit interacting with people was awesome and fun and would like to see more of those type of things. But, that should not be linked to the items we can make because as seen here - we can’t get the amount of hearts we would like because no one is really trading any more.


I am curious about the quantities of hearts people have acquired. From just one extended event, which started in Gyosha Mall and ended at Ultima Hub, I traded for nearly enough hearts to work 4 mass crafts. Admittedly, I was using my main and two alts the entire time. I also just traded for a heart on my way to roadrunner hunting.

I personally feel the event should have started closer to the weekend.
By the time I was able to get on and go looking for trades everyone was pretty much done.

There are currently four of us in Ultima Hub trading for bouquet. If you are interested, please do join us.