Lovestruck Event starts today at 1200 UTC!


This is the last 6 days of the Lovestruck event. Can we have a gathering sometime during Saturday or Sunday? It would be nice for someone to organize a final gathering for the event.


New embassy hub has them all in museum style plus streetlight sugestions


For me, it is a flop. The first day I had a lot to do in game and real life so was limited in the time I could be playing.
Then, the limiting to the one rose and you couldn’t trade with the same person? That made it hard on those who came late and everyone either had all they wanted or others seem frustrated. Was out with roses day before yesterday and saw very few players, Yesterday, was going on a hunting trip to a level 6 planet and didn’t have any roses with me as I needed all the room for what I would be getting. Had players who wanted to trade, frustrating, where were they the day before.
I think we should have been able to trade, say five roses at a time and the time limit would be 8 hours. I made over 250 roses and have only 6 hearts and have given up on getting any more.


There will likely be some sort of push this weekend for an event.


Have you tried hanging around the Ultima hub or any of the other major ones, I managed to get just over 30 at the weekend in about 20-30 minutes. Just hold the roses and loiter around for a little while and you’re bound to get a few.


a few days ago I was looking to trade flowers at ultima but there was nobody there so I just parked 2 alts there and in a few minutes there was a group of people trading flowers :smiley:
sometimes all it takes is standing there with a bouquet!


Haven’t tried the holding flowers but did have some on me for the next day and no one came to ask, they were all dashing as if in a hurry. The next day was a busy one and I had carried them but still no one was stopping to see if someone had roses, they were all running past each other and I was with my son on a way to visit some tier 6 planets were we got our rear ends whooped big time.
I swear, we had more critters trying to kill us than we have had at a level 3 meteorite on a level 4 planet.
Anyhow, didn’t have any with me today, tomorrow I will start carrying them and maybe have them in my hand when in the Ultima hub and G. Mall.


It really depends on the time of day you play.


[holding up cardboard sign. Letters scribbled hastily in black permanent marker]
Will trade blood for a heart!

Edit: switched “your heart” to “a heart”


If anyone is still trying to gather some Lovestruck Bouquets for tomorrow and need Spineflower & Cloneflower then these coordinates on Circapous I will serve you well
-811N 1,305E Altitude 123


Thanks. Im super low on the spineflower but too lazy to go searching for a spot lol


There is loads on the planet filling out an atlas at the mo


i go to the aquarius ultima network planet hub
and stand near the two love bunnys and shout flower trader at the bunnys
wait a while and bam they pop up from everywhere
did that twice for 30min got 62 hearths now
ow and the portal at those bunnys is to our hub def come check out the shops they olmost done :smile:


Is there still people doing this event? One day I shouted on all channels 3 or 4 times and got no response. and I’ve asked in the ps4 community I’m in and no response. I would like to do the event but it’s just me and a friend playing and seemed like no one else is interested.


haven’t had a chance to leave my base today, been remodeling, but yesterday ran around with roses in my hand and found three people to trade with . If we could have traded more than one rose at a time that would have been a big help. Limit it to five. With some any rocks needed it was just totally unfair for those who don’t have a lo of free time or have a base too far from a portal to get to populated areas.


I meant to log on a little while ago to trade flowers but got caught up making food… i can log on in a couple minutes, just do a shout and wait there…
how long did you wait the first time? sometimes it takes a few minutes for people to return home, clear the inventory, grab the flowers and head out

Ultima hub btw, near the bunnies


When I shouted I didn’t know to shout there. Not exactly for sure where that is at. My friend today said he thought it was on Pheminorum but didn’t know any more than that. I’m based on Trior. I’ll be on again in game tomorrow. Hopefully I can find it.


I’m going to try and find the Ultima hub tomorrow if you want to trade. I should be on around 1pm central time.


there are tons of connections to ultima hub, but if you know the PS hub, just head to Grovidias Te and facing south there is a portal to the ultima HQ. go through that portal and immediately to the right is where the bunnies are.


That is 2 p.m. my time EST, will try to be on then. Left my flowers at my shop, The Making of Greatness (sell mainly ingredients for those who do cooking/baking) so have to go there to pick them up.