Lovestruck Event starts today at 1200 UTC!


Thank you :smile: I’m heading into Boundless now and will gather my bouquets and look for it.


Anyone still up for bouquet trade?
This is the last 10 hours before the event ends.
There are currently 3 of us in Ultima Hub


So I figured I’d give some of my comments and feedback for this event, whether it help or not.

Firstly, I’m kinda bummed bc I have been having irl issues for a while now and just couldn’t motivate myself to get on until the last weekend. Especially since it looked amazing and fun and I was looking forward to it. So my experience isn’t as in-depth as some were.

Ok, so first the sanctum. Good job! I think it was wonderful to incorporate decorating that into the event. Even the Elder was sporting some lovely (haha) body art. And to get a sneak preview on what some of the items you can make will look like. I had fun just exploring around in there and hopping around, trying to find any hidden goodies. I do not have the jump feet, so I couldn’t personally.

Now luckily I’m a spontaneous flower hoarder and if I see a field with a pretty color I get a “ooh, shiny!” moment and just go to town on them. So i had a few stacks I’d gotten well over 200 of certain colors that I didn’t bat an eye at sacrificing. However, there was at least one in each bouquet option I had a “noooo, I only have like 20-30 of these colors!!” And especially my ghostflowers I cringed a little about.
My personal dilemma aside, I’m glad there were two combination options and the cost was reasonably cheap. Not to mention if you find the right places you can find huge fields of certain flowers, especially cloneflowers!

Next, what to do with my bouquets? Hubs was being a butt and said he’d get on later (lies!!) so I just kinda wondered and decided to go sight seeing and just… kinda ended up in Ultima by the bunnies.
Holy cow, people! There was actually a group in the late days of the event. Was thinking I’d have to start shouting or post on here.
So I got to trading, and admittedly my anxiety was giving me jitters (I know, I’m hopeless), so I wasn’t really sociable, especially when I got requests faster than i could read from who. (Panic accepted most of them–future suggestion, put other player’s name in the trade screen as well in case of dweebness, like me. Unless I’m being a dweeb again and it’s already there and I never noticed.)
So by the end, I actually managed nearly 50 trades in like… an hour? In the last days of the event. On a spur of the moment decision. Pretty darn good, and that kinda implies other people really liked it too if it stayed busy throughout the event.
I am however, saving my heart stones to see the color options before I start crafting them. Preeetty sure they’re all gonna end up vases, because they are so very, very nice looking. The columns are nice too, but maybe next year I’ll incorporate columns… somewhere.

So I’d like to say I really enjoyed the event, for what little I did. Imagine next year when more ppl will prepare and stockpile flowers.

Oh, exchange items!
The heart eyes are waaay better than the coal eyes but i couldnt make myself purchase them.
Of course I got the roses body art. Bc roses.
But my favorite is the ribbon. Because it calls to my inner emo cutesie-loving side.

I literally spent about an hour and a half just playing around with the colors and found so many combinations I loved and finally got smart on my last one and sent a screenshot of the color choices to my husband to remember.

To whoever posted the screenshot of the PANTS teaser, thank you. Because I didn’t want to reset skill points just to see, but I got such a laugh out of it. It was a great comeback to The Great Pants Movement on the forumn.

Which leads me to my next bit. I’m glad I didn’t get around to doing this right away, because just recently I read an interesting fact in the newsletter I get on my Nintendo Switch.

So… We’ve basically been asking for UNDERWEAR this entire time??? What kinda bets did y’all have going on in the studio about pants and when we’d smarten up? “Lolz, silly Americans… they want pants… which they already have!”
Touche, I say. Touche.


HOLY MOLY it all makes sense now!


:roll_eyes: was wondering what was wrong with the default ones


Hahaha! That last bit was funny! I didn’t know about that either. I try to learn something new everyday. It’s only 530am here and already got that in for the day. Thank you!

And thank you for the early morning smile followed by laughter!


Descriptions like these are very useful, especially since a lot of games released here in the UK tend to leave American English untouched.

I’m sure most of us knew what you meant by pants. Younger people growing up here in England will probably get confused by character customisation (I know it’s spelt customization in America) in games where they are given the option to change pants for characters, even though it actually changes jeans / trousers.

I remember when I saw an old Wrangler Jeans TV commercial (in the 1990s) where 3 British (or they might have been American, I can’t remember) men were at a ranch (I think), and a cowgirl asked them to ‘drop their pants’. I thought at the time that the guys didn’t want to do that, so they only dropped their jeans / trousers. She did give them Wrangler jeans afterwards though.


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