Lovestruck Returns to Boundless on the 13th February!

Hello Everyone,

It’s almost time for Boundless to get Lovestruck again!

The Lovestruck event is making a comeback, with a few new additions. Like last year, Lovestruck Bouquets can be Crafted from Decorative Flowers found throughout the Known Worlds. These can then be hand traded with other Citizens, gifting the recipient a Heart Shaped Rock. They can then use these to Craft a Romantic Vase, Romantic Stone Column, and Heart Balloons. There’s also our brand new, now-customary seasonal Oorty doll to look forward to.

In The Exchange you’ll get another chance to get hold of the Lovestruck Mask, the Ribbon Fascinator, and the Climbing Roses Body Paint. Alongside these, we have two new Body Paints and a new Wearable joining them this year, so keep an eye on our social media feeds for sneak previews of each of these brand new items - we’ll reveal the first one on Monday next week.

Lovestruck 2020 will run from the 13th - 27th February, and we’re looking forward to seeing all your screenshots as always - be sure to share them with us!



Well, guess it’s time for a trading party in Kindred Bay!


D: Sam-chan just said there No :cookie:s ( ;.; )


So happy, thanks devs!! :+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Was really hoping the roses paint would make a return, I want that on my new characters (and looking forward to seeing the new ones too of course)! Can’t wait, time to start hoarding flowers :wink: - (recipe for those who might need it)


Finally!!! Yay for more body paints!!!


They keep those for Cookiestruck event, I hear…


Yea im hype for new paints too. I’ve had this fire body paint since it released lol


Got the leaf one last year. Been wanting a new one for some time but none of the existing ones pleases me lol. I have great hopes for the new ones!!


If anyone has the urge to bring me flowers this year, don’t hold back :wink:

So excited for this. I joined just after lovestruck last year!! :smiley:


Everyone i know in game will be getting some love from the Doc especially some who i hold dearly as trusted friends :grin::heart:


Sidenote: please 1 love token per oorty (if that will be part of the recipe) 5-10 trades for one oorty would be a bit much.


Thanks for the awesome work guys!


I second this. The oortmas event was kind of a bust in terms of taking silly amounts of mats to make twinkles.

I’ve already pointed out my disappointment that the only “new” item is a recycled oorty for the third time in a row. Sorry @jesshyland it is lovely but… anyway I won’t go on with that more.

But at least make the one new item accessible for those who want to collect all 255, so at least there’s SOMETHING to do!


I second the recipe requirements, the twinkles look super nice but because of the cane drop rates I gave up and didn’t craft a single one. I hope they ease up on the amounts for valentines.


I agree!

The event is fun when you can go to one of the group meet ups and trade with folks and then be able to do some crafting.

The way it is…it became and Alt drive through.

“Okay, you switch to all your Alts and trade while I do with my alts…then we combine them and we can do 1 or 2 mass crafts.”

That feels bleh
If the population was bigger it might work?

Did they at least make it so you could trade with the same people every 24 hours? I can’t remember

So no exos until the 13?

I know right! The twinkles are cool. In fact things like these SHOULD be in game period, always. As much as I am a relentless grinder I bailed on that one. I can imagine everyone else who wanted these. We need non functional and functional items in the game. Perhaps every 4 months a pack launched into the game that contains new items.


Do we know the recipe for the bouquets? Here it says “Decorative flowers”.

I’d like to prepare in advance and am wondering if its a certain type of flower (Spine, glade, clone, ghost?) and if it’s color is determined by the source flowers? Or if its just one color and can use any type?

I’ve got a decent supply of flowers from various exos etc and can stock up on other perm - planet colors as necessary.

Any tips from those who did this event last year?

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We used flowers to make bouquets, then we traded them to other players - which gave us little red crystal hearts.

Those crystal hearts are what’s needed to craft special items. I think you had to use gleam to make the heart balloons (gleam = color of balloon), and same with the rose in a vase.

You could only trade with a person once every 24 hours. We announced meet up times/places to do group trade sessions so that everyone got the hearts.

I dunno what it will take to craft the new Oorty doll.

No pictures because I never received any :’(