Machine auto insertion and other

One little thing I would like to see implemented is for the placement of storage blocks / shelves within a few blocks of a machine and linked to the machine via maybe an upgraded spark link conduit as an item transfer conduit, then these conduits could also be linked to storage blocks to auto stock up shops, and also be used transfer from one central storage block into a storage block that already has the item to save time running around your storage placing things into said blocks :wink: just me being lazy or is it worth a like?


I actually really like this idea and think it would be worth a look into. As im one to forget where stuff is laying around if i had this feature would be bam theres a storage wall and hide all the pipes or w.e you would use for it behind a wall so its hidden and you wouldnt have the problem apart from keeping storage topped up.

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Kind of like furnaces in vanilla Minecraft where you can feed items through hoppers.

Although I really wouldn’t mind some sort of item induction system that runs off general power of any machines its hooked up to. Would like chests to go with it.

I do miss these kinds of automation. Even auto sorting storage systems.


Thats what i was thinking of lol they even did one in a mod think it was for a strip miner where it piped materials to chests

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myself i am not against manual mining just manual sorting as it is a pain in the rear end lol

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Great Idea,
I too suggested to repurpose the spark mechanic for something like you’re suggesting.
Hopefully this idea will be picked up by a dev :pray:

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i too liked the auto input for the furnace meaning not having to babysit it, but chests NO! i am happy with storage blocks and if we had the upgraded spark cables to route the items from output then hey what is a chest lol

remember the ME system i loved that concept <3

Well they did make a chest concept art a long time ago.

The thing is, even if chests are in the game that doesn’t mean you have to use them. I don’t use shelves and instead use storage blocks cause of how I want my project’s shop to look like and function. But if I could have chests to put over flow of inventory into then that would be nice.

I just don’t get why there are people opposed to chests. There are people who don’t even use storage blocks or shelves but instead use crafting tables, request baskets, and shop stands to store items and basically use them as makeshift chests. So clearly there’s a demand for chests. Just saying man. lol

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