Machine upgrade vs coils

4x4+8 seems a bit low should be more like 4x4+9+8 I believe not 100% sure still testing

Yep 24 is max on machines

Well more like 26 at least because 4 on each side of machine then 1 one each end

No 24 is the max that can connect to a machine. 7200 power is max. That’s 24 advanced power coils.


If there isn’t a cost against mesh limit, then this change would be a penalty for not using the internal coils.

Having a choice like internal coils without having to deal with mesh limit wouldn’t be a choice at all - it would be the new best option. Anyone choosing to “decorate” with coils would be at severe disadvantage.

There could be alternate penalties, which I think were discussed last time this came up, like lower max power or significantly higher crafting cost for the internal coils, but just throwing them in without consideration for balance against external coils and mesh limit would be, imo, naive.

All that said, I would love internal coils with or without any/all of the restrictions I mentioned.


Yea I don’t agree coils make machines look great. And there for progression. If u really want upgrades maybe they can one day implement lucent coils of something else.

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Ohhh lucent coils would be cool! Perhaps that provided 1200 power per, so then only need 6 coils.

Though I’d also enjoy a wildstock peddling on a bicycle attached to machines for power :rofl:


Lol yea I’m for that but hate to get rid of coils all together


Lucent coils would be “natural way” To proceed.

Didnt knew this was so delicate subject To speak lol.


How many are you really trying to fit into a 3x3 area?

You can fit 18 fully coiled
(24 each) machines in a 3x1 space that is 2 plots high.
An extra row of 3 plots can hold spark generators and all of this can be hooked to 1 spark link line (I used 2 sets of 16 generators but still only 100 spark link).

That’s 3 of each of the main machines, with chests between each, all under mesh, and in 10 plots. Small enough? Can be reduced a few blocks further but you have to use floor storage and its ugly

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If you wanna do a box Then Yes you can fit…

I only use this ever since someone discovered it.

So nice and compact and in 1 plot. Can hide it nicely behind a wall in floor or ceiling as well.


Even if you shrunk the machines, you could only save a set amount of space.

More stuff means more space, that’s not exactly unfair so much as a limitation of reality, I guess is my point. :laughing:

But if you aren’t trying to crazy power level or go full throttle crafting, you dont need more than one or two of each anyway and can fit that into a small build quite easily. And still make it look cool and not just crammed in there

Yeah see that is the perfect solution for a small build that wanted a lot of function and still be made pretty


I have a ton of machines always nice to have extra but my ws is huge

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Yeap that is Pretty nice.

While i dont like it that you still have to hide the whole shibang behind the wall etc.

Mainly my suggestion was To remove the space it takes… Some People like that you see the whole machine… Theres Also Pretty cool animation For the machines so At least would like To see those.


That is awesome! :smiley:

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Suddey feel desire to build a new workshop…


Wasn’t it @Soju-VB that mentioned doing it like that :sweat_smile:


I have been trying to hide my coils since they came out. I look at other builds with massive coil banks showing and it can look good but it’s just not my style.
Someone said treat your machine like a chest and place the coils in it. I like this as an option. You should be able to place them to. Now that seems :boundless: to me