Magic types

I am going to make a list of possible magic types, im not sure how many of them are good but i guess the more i throw the bigger the chance of them sticking are. i am no sure if they are possible and some of them might be a borderline on too grotesque. but we’ll see, i will keep updating them as people post stuff.

I am going to try and split them up in a few categories.


not all of them have equally much, but i will prob move them around as time goes along, so here goes.

Damage :


Fire will generally be working as the burst oif the magic types, fire magic is also capable of igniting the enemy and making them take damage over time


Ice would consist of damage abilties and slowing / rooting abilities


Shock has both strong bolts that deal alot of dmg and weaker abilites that would jump between the enemies.




Shadow is the magic of choice for the more shady charaters of the game, shadow magic users can use the shadows to cloak themselves and even dive through the shadows and appear behind an enemy target instantly.


Illusion magic allows the user to make the enemy see things which are not there, they can make clones of themselves that wont dmg but stays for a few seconds, they can also use confusion on the enemy to make it do stuff like hitting itself with spells.

Beast Soul:

Beast soul is a type of magic that allows you to transform certain body parts into those of other animals / creatures, it can be used both for defensive and offensive purpose.

Letter/Rune magic:

Letter magic can have many different uses, havent really figured out what yet, the point is that you can combine sets of letters to create spells and throw it at the enemey. it works like ancient spirit sealing just without the paper. ‘‘every single word have power’’

Soul magic:

Every being in the universe have a soul. they usually lie beyond reach within each person, but some people know how to utilize the powers of their own soul to enhance their mental and physical strength


Holy magic:

Holy magic would be focused on healing and shielding.

Time magic:

Time magic can support by increasing the time on your allies or slowing down the time of the enemies, they can also heal small amounts by reverting the time after their allies have taken dmg so the damage will disappear


Nature magic can use the power of nature to heal and buff allies, they can also make roots from the ground that will trap the enemy.

Water magic:

Water magic is another healing/support magic


Blood Magic

Blood magic will allow you to drain the blood and lifeforce of your enemies and convert it into your own body. so while it doesnt offer less damage taken it will allow you to get the health lost back during the fight


Earth and Rock will allow you to use the element to protect yourself from the hits you might take, grow a hard shell and walk into battle without a care in the world



Necromancy would fight by summoning skeletons, a cool thing they could do was to allow zombiefication of animal so it could kill an aimal and use it as a zombie pet for 5 min before it turns to dust, another thing was for the necromancer to zombiefy dead players so they can fight for another 20 seconds before being completely dead

Spirit Magic:

Spirit magic would allows you to summon different animal spiritts that will fight by your side in combat. Spirit Magic can also imbue you with the powers of the animals to either make you faster or stronger.

Chaos Magic:

chaos magic would allow you to make Chaos copies of real weapons. so you walk around barehanded but can summon claw weapons when you want to fight or summon chains from the ground to snare the enemy.

Molding Magic

This is summoning magic that allows you to create animate things from elements, this includes summoning ice tigers, fire hawks and earth elementals.

these are my suggestions. feel free to suggest more.


nobody? >.<

I think it could be fun if instead that magic revolved around elements and abilities. It revolved around creating different magical components like staffs to make the magic happen.

You have lot of great ideas in the area though.

I just like it…
Add soul magic, as an increase of the natural power of a sentinent creature in utility :smiley:

I really like the old Ultima Online aspect of Words of Power. When you cast, your spell is visually represented as spoken words “vas ort flam”. An “explosion” spell is coming. This would allow your spells to be any color, and you still know what is being cast.

we talked about soul harvesting in another thread. so sure why not.

Interesting post! Thought exercise: assuming you couldn’t have ice, fire, earth, wind, water, dark, light what would you them them as instead? (Those are probably a bit played out, a bit boring for the exciting new Oort universe!)

Assume we’d represent them as:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • White
  • Black

What different themes could you use aside from the obvious?

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but i love fire magic…

do you just want us to name colors or find out what elements could represent the different colors?

What about pulling powers from elements inside the game. Say you have something called Araie quartz & it’s light pink. If you mine the quartz, process it into Araie essence & use it in your gear.
You would get the magical properties with light pink visual effects. Maybe a bonus or extra spell becomes available to choose from when you add more to more pieces of gear.
OR Maybe you want to mix Araie magic with another type of magic. You could add Araie essence to 3 equipment & maybe Growth essence from special plants. This could be a green effect & support spells. Growth could add buffs & possible have hots.
You’d be able to have a bunches of different magic set-ups & alter it for how you play. Maybe you’d use a magic known for it’s stuns & dots for PvP. Maybe you’d just want some buffs & hots to use if you feel your melee dmg is enough.
It may also motivate people to explore, create & trade.
If you’re just looking for names: growth, spite, reflection, burst, ninja, etc. Adjectives that are related to what that type of magic may do. I personally love seeing things take on a name of their own. :smiley:

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Don’t think elements, think outside of that.

Red could = fire, but that’s a bit boring. We like to challenge established ideas like this “is the a better/cooler answer?”. I think there could be. For example, in Final Fantasy fire spells are called ‘Fira’ ‘Firaga’ ‘Firaja’. More interesting, but I think there’s more you can do than that.

Red could = Star (the power, heat, destructive element of a star).
Blue could = Moon (the cold, lonely chill of the dark side of a far away moon)
Yellow could = Nova (the lighting fast, cataclysmic power of a star exploding)

These are semi-bad examples, but give you and idea of how we think. We want Oort to be our own. We want it to be unique. We want it to stand out.


(by the way, those are bad examples!)

I like magical system like in FullMetal Alchemist anime. It’s physically and plausibly: you take materia and reorganize it at you will.

Red: Demonic
Yellow: Energy
Green: Nature
Blue: Soul
Purple: Kinetic/mental power
White: Holy
Black: Death

Something like this?

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Magic power emanating from deep within a world’s core. Extracted using deep drills and mines near the bottom of the world. Used to melt and crush - and conversely, form and create land and tools. Earth/industrial magic.

edit: This could also be a type of magic players can use to repair damaged worlds.


As what the different things are:

Demonic: Stuff like binding seals, lesser minions, casting curses and hellfire
Energy: Fire, electricity and that kind of stuff
Nature: Taming/calming creature, controlling plants and making stuff grow
Soul: I have no idea, but… soul stuff
Kinetic/Mental powers: Moving stuff around, triggering traps at distance being able to read special texts?
Holy: Healing, casting blessings and banishing infernal/demonic beings.
Death: Raising undead monsters, speaking with ghosts and such.

That one could have a brown color :slight_smile:
Also great idea.

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Another type of magic I was thinking of was related to my peaceful worlds idea-

Accumulates in places of tranquility and is slowly absorbed by living creatures. Players collect Tranquil over time just by playing in these worlds or areas and use it to heal and protect other players, unlock secret knowledges/recipes and power various devices. Tranquil can be converted into mana to be traded and used by other players.

My idea with this was to give peaceful players a monopoly on some useful resource desired by more combat focused players, as balance for missing out on adventure loot.


Its nice that you guys try to be innovative, but please take care you dont alienate all of the elements that players like in games to try something new that has never been done before.

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@zouls, of course, but better to be brave than boring!


Innovate! Innovate I say! If you do an awesome job and produce something that’s fun, it’ll be great. Those who prefer traditional magic systems can always start up servers with cool magic mods that do all kinds of cool stuff. Minecraft is a great example, boasting several magic systems to choose from.

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makes me sad that im not gonna be able to fry newbs with firebolts -.-’