Make moons for planets!

it would be nice being able to make a moon base. or binary moon systems. moons would be 0.5 blinksecs from T1s, 1 blinksecs from T2s, 3blinksecs for T3s and T4s, 5 blinksecs for T5s
9 blinksecs for T6s. exo moons would be like exoworlds themselves. they dash along an elliptical orbit around the sky. Moons will be either metal, coal, or elemental (toxic, chill ). no foliage blocks exist on moons. nor wood or other things. all moons (except exo moons ) have natural structures. when you mine on moons, lots of titanium by mantle. Moons usually have environmental effects (except for the t1 moons. every other tier has effects) Moons are barren and usually have to send shipments to them because of sparse resources. metals are common. moon pallets are usually grayish-blue. I hope you liked my ideas!


At one point we pushed this:

I think it is in the farther roadmap maybe one day… Perfect solution to get to our moon bases :slight_smile:

I still believe the best way to make private planets a thing, would be to call them “Moons”, instead of “Planets”.

If someone had a ‘public’ Moon, it could perhaps be one of a few Moons around their planet of choice, which players could look up to see dart through the sky.
Naturally, much smaller-looking than an actual planet in the sky, but I figure they could have X max Moons visible per planet at a time to not clutter the sky.
Only showing the Moons of the planet you’re on, instead of showing the Moons of all planets nearby af the same time, is definitely a must as well.
If at all possible, the limited amount of visible Moons, could simply allow them to ‘rotate’ between which Moons belonging to a world, can be seen in the sky.

Lets say Dzassak had five public ‘private’ Moons.

One day, moon #1-3 would be visible.
Then the day after, you’d see #2-4
On day three you’d see #3, 4 and 5.
Fourth day; Moons #4, 5, and 1. So-on.

Sorry if it’s a bit incomprehensible or badly formatted; I’ve barely just woken up.


I like both ideas :slight_smile:

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I love this idea!

I thought part of the current set up was that some planets are the “moons” of other planets? Back in alpha the charts were set up that way, and I just assumed it carried through.

I would like moons for the higher tier planets. They should be smaller and less treacherous than (some maybe more so) their parent planet and have a unique set of resources. This would offer some variation to the very linear planet progression. They might also be a great place to make oort mineable, or add new enemies that only exist on moons.

Hmmm breaking a seam of oort spawns in a warp wraith :face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking:

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Planet moons would be great!

Moons would help keep the universe from being cluttered with private planets if each private world was a moon and linked to a real world.

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Exo worlds are slightly smaller then normal world arent they?

Exo worlds and they way they orbit planets are already sort of like the solution to “private” planets, just make them slightly smaller and call them moons.

Im against private planets/moons because i wasn’t around for the not kickstarter, If i had been around for it you sure as heck would believe i would be on the other side of the fence. I dont like exclusive stuff when there is no way to get access to it after the fact.

Private/rented planets would be available to any player willing to pay for them. They are not an exclusive backer perk.

Asteroids that are barren, hostile, and well, asteroid looking. They could have similar characteristics as exos, they could last maybe a shorter time than exos since they are asteroids hurdling through space. They could have groups of hostile enemies that are either retextured existing creatures, or it could make for a great way to introduce new creatures. The landscape would be pretty much how youd picture an asteroid, dark rocky and cratered. Although, im not too sure on how each one could differ from one another as they would use a strict color palette to keep them asteroidy looking but theres room for creativity im sure

Who says it’s exclusive to backers? I’m under the assumption it’d be something you pay to rent out; Kind-of how the current system of Gleam Club works.

Though, I’d prefer the ‘moons’ actually go in a normal orbit, and don’t panic-attack around like a pinball Exo.

LOL. I’d prefer if moons went in a normal orbit too. not just run around a T3 and above like a roadrunner having a heart attack. Only exo moons defy that rule. they panic attack as its pure chance to land on one. other moons would have exotic colors and stuff. also. I WANT A MOON BASE!

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