Spaceships and Travel Overhaul

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Let’s add “planets” between the worlds, just between the ones that get rendered in the sky. Fill them with asteroids, comets, new mobs, abandoned space stations, etc. Then let us build spaceships that can travel to these spaces and through to the next world.

We could just travel to these spaces to mine those asteroids, or to traverse to a new world, or to build a space station with supplies and fuel!

There should be no atmosphere, you’ll have to bring your own. There should be no gravity, don’t forget your grapples.

This would open up all new avenues for things like spaceship tools/weapons, skills, revenue streams like taxi services, fuel shops, ship building. People who REALLY want to feel alone could do so. Giant builds could be seen from the planets on either side of the space.

Maybe even some PVP designated areas or events where we could have our epic space battles for glory and bounty!

Let me know what you think!


Is that even possible :thinking: not opposed just feel like that is not possible


I dream big friend. But I don’t know for sure.

I imagine it would really just be like adding more planets with some weird differences.

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Sounds like NoMansSky and boundless having a problem child!! Lol… works for me!!


Haha! yeah kind of, just slightly less open world, since there’d be paths between each planet.


i like this idea +1 from me for sure.

“Hostile scan detected”

Finds a piece of tallow

"Cough up 750,000c or we’re blowing you to smithereens!!’

(Let’s skip that part :wink: )


let’s invent pants before we go to space, but I like the idea. could be some new playfields with just asteroids instead of terrain and zero gravity, some kind of flying vehicles like in the Zeppelin mod for Minecraft (airships made of regular blocks that turn into an ‘entity’ when activated, turn back into blocks when off) that would have a warp engine so you could take them to another map with you. I of course don’t see or understand what’s under the hood of boundless, but I think it could work like this.


New materials for spaceship building, Titanium is the lowest tier. Then Space Whale bones and Refined Comet Crystal. :slight_smile:

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There are no pants in space.

Also, I don’t really WANT to warp. I want to travel between and experience everything in there.

This or something like it sounds great. I think we need spaces that take potentially days to traverse. Making the spaceships very expensive to extend a bit on the endgame and adding that extra avenue of adventure. There could be an inner space side to it, too, where special portals or warps would take us under the mantle.

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since boundless worlds are a bunch of boxes 256 blocks high and I-don’t-know-how-many-blocks deep and wide that contain each playfield and scroll, making a seamless universe with planet shaped planets would require making an entirely new game…

I do love the idea of having your ship traveling and you have a portal in it to go back and forth between your main base and your ship.

Say your nays elsewhere! :wink:

But really I get that it wouldn’t be easy. I’m just saying it would be a really amazing expansion of the game, opening up insane amounts of potential. Plus it doesn’t have to be seamless. I’m specifically suggesting zones between worlds. We could totally have something like portal loading to get in to the next planet.

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I think the atmosphere requirement in the game needs to be reworked. It should be solved via a mask and oxygen and radiation protection that you have to craft. This way we don’t have to use “skill points” for it. Also it allows our ALTs (who might have very limited skill points) to come onto the planet.

I do think that instead of adding thousands of new planets that filling up some of the space “in between” them might be nice. It also would solve the problem of Exo scheduling and allow people their own ability to go to asteroids to get items instead of waiting for an Exo.

I am sure the Portal people won’t like spaceships but it certainly drives more freedom down to the individual player and honestly does create less “Oort stress” for portal owners.

Either way increasing how we interact with the universe and bringing more content like this is certainly interesting. Maybe a titan isn’t on a planet but somewhere on some asteroid somewhere… maybe a Titan is the SIZE of an asteroid. Considering that one of the older trailers had a specific build that looks like a space ship and many of the “lore” people wanted was an ancient civilization it makes a decent amount of sense to bring something like this into the game.

So overall I’m definitely interested in the idea and getting feedback on possibility around it. I guess “movement” is probably the biggest deal on a voxel level.


Yeah I think it ends up being a great opportunity to revamp things like atmosphere systems and general equipment type stuff. Like a EV pack that lets you poof about in zero-g but is otherwise useless on a planet.

Actually it shouldn’t be hard to add any size stellar object and be able to travel to it. There would need to be a small amount of time to load the new environment, but portals and warps already do this quickly. I’m sure there’s some limitations, like that the area has to be a multiple of eight, or how these would be handled by a server, but asteroid fields could appear in clusters and act just like an exo aside from the fact that they can’t be targeted for warp. When you get there you might find a handful of small and various sized bodies that you could warp around on. I would love to bounce around in some lower gravity too :grinning:

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With all the talk about Oort mining and portal efficiencies, I thought I’d bump this back up. I think it would be amazing to be able to go to the space section between worlds and mine oort directly from the giant meteor sources. There could be unique space mobs that attack you in your ship!

Swarms of Cuttletrunks, a handful of hunters crawling along the meteor’s surface, and maybe a big bulky space-orca type creature that attacks your ship directly.


Flipping Oort to a more common resource would help a lot and relieve pressure across a whole variety of areas in the game for sure. I’ve never understood why a resource needed to be the limit to things or should only be used for 1 primary reason especially when we mostly are building game.

It would be interesting to see on the technical possibilities of offering a space (pun intended) like this to help alleviate the issues with a limited planet Universe. Some planets are soooo filled up and this gives us a different type of game play and fun to enjoy instead of just “another planet.”

I guess it comes down to how hard is it for ship movement for a first step. Maybe to help remove the “plot” issues in space, we don’t allow people to plot space to start. We create a simple “campfire” or “mobile base” that people can place. Leave space or asteroids or things like that in the same context we have Exo planets - no plotting. I would also think since it is space we should remove the Regen option. I’ve never agreed that was the best feature on any level since so many use it to take advantage of limited resource. It seems better to just remove the “supply” issue around resource distribution and make things more common. The universe is abundant!

I am not sure I would want the same creatures and instead would want new designs. Maybe some of the same ideas like a sub-breed of Cuttle… but certainly I’d prefer new. Things are starting to get old after 1 year.

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From a technical standpoint, I think we could have a special beacon type in which we can construct our ship with blocks. It would need special objects in it for things like controls, engines, fuel storage, weapons, shields etc. Then when you’re ready to finish your ship, you remove any blocks from the “beacon” that aren’t the ship and then activate a function on the beacon control object.

This then tells the game to make whatever is in the beacon in to a unique object that can move and stuff. Whether we can have players walk on the surface of that new object is unknown to me, but I suppose we could lock players in to seats while on the ship. Only one player can drive, but the other seats could have functions for things like weapons and scanners or whatever on them. Or players can just show their sling bows from their seats.

As far as fuel, I suspect we should use Oort for the most efficient, fastest travel, but then things like coal and maybe even wood could be used to do slower travel in space, and even travel around on a world. This would help to balance out how much more Oort we use.

I also think we should take atmospheric resistances away from the skill tree and introduce the same effects as items that individuals can use/wear, that can be installed in ships, and that can be installed on beacons on planets and in space, all of which need to be fueled/charged in various ways.

I cannot impress enough on everyone that I think this or something like this would be huge for this game!


Like we talked that one time before I’d lean away from the skill tree. I think we need to move the “atmosphere” and “toxic planet” design more towards what No Man’s Sky has. Give people suits and clothes and oxygen and resistance technology instead. Those additional assets would provide more content and simplify the skill tree some. Then we just make the resources need to keep the systems running common enough so people can make it work. Being able to suit up my low level Alt to go to space or a harder planet feels more realistic when you put on a suit and resistance tech instead of just putting points into “skill”. It still keeps it dangerous because those systems could break or I run out of air, etc. Plus a whole craftable clothing area improves the game and leads towards Pants. :slight_smile:

I’ve always preferred skills to be based on the effort you put in to master instead of just a “click of a button.”

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