Malurialakrib crashing, lagging bad. Any devs?


Maluarialakrib is lagging bad. Just timed out twice. Rocks keep respawning when mining, had lag spikes since last night. Now it’s unplayable.

Any help?



You mentioned in the title that the game was crashing. What format are you playing the game on? Also, were you presented with the option to submit a crash dump?


I can see your connection dropping packets on the route to the server, I don’t see the same happening to anyone else around the same time so I think it’s your route to the server and not a specific issue on the server.
Do you have the same issues on any of the other Australian worlds which would confirm whether it’s a routing issue from your isp to our servers in Australia rather than something else?


Sorry, I didn’t mean my game crashing, I meant that the server crashed, so I had to restart my game. When I came to sanctum Malurialakrib wouldn’t load for a minute.

@blake You may be right, but my internet connection is solid and working fine atm, rocking a good few MBs. But I’ve mined on Maluriala for most of my exp and I can definitely tell I have not had this much lag before as for the last 2 days. Not much else I can say :frowning:

I can say it’s better now since that disconnection. I am sure it wasn’t complete DC for me, as I got other game running on the side which did not DC.


Could be packet loss on your end. I have noticed that this game responds very poorly to packet loss in general.


This is the first time I’ve had these issues, not counting release of Exo. But it kinda felt like release of exo planets.


I’m base is on mac-rib a for the last 2 or 3 months it been pretty good for internet connection. But I have noticed over the last week it has gone back to its old ways !UNSTABLE CONNECTIONS WARNING!


That is pretty much exactly what I was experiencing yesterday and today.

It’s been okay now though since the server “went offline for me” whatever happened.


Not to sure. I’m in the uk so I experience lag quite a bit playing on Mac-rib.but as I said it has been pretty good for sometime now.
Up until a week ago it has been terrible for me. death penalty has been maxed out :roll_eyes: