Managing Griefing: Could Discourse forum methods be adapted for the game?

Have a good look at this;-

We were wondering if the Discourse Trust levels scheme could be applied to Oort Worlds to help protect them from Griefers - just a bit of a brainstorming request.

Here’s some of my random thoughts;-

  • You increase your Trust Level by building and travelling (the equivalent of how starting new topics and replying increases your Trust Level on the forum)
  • Your rate of building is limited at lower trust levels (this might conflict with the Character Progression system though)
  • On their first visit to a new World, users can’t build until they have traveled a distance of at least X (e.g. 50) blocks
  • You need to have achieved a certain Trust Level before you can even see some Worlds (like the Lounge Category on this forum)

This is a really interesting concept :slight_smile:

I would say that they cannot build outside beacons this including that they are not able to place beacons. This would mean that you coul still com in as a builder for a guild without needing to explore first.

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To some extent, the tiered world plan will deal with this. For example, a new player comes to a tier 2 world and mob’s are aggro’ed at a much higher rate. Perhaps, if the destruction of blocks has an increased aggro range as well as the lower character level, mobs will come from far away to ruin a griefer’s day.


I really like the sound of this, including @Thorbjorn42gbf suggestion.

Do you mean that people won’t be able to quickly spam multiple blocks? If so, that’s a definite plus.

Another thing that can be done is make crafting and harvesting blocks speed a function of player time, player level and the number of other players with the player in their friends list (a form of endorsement). Hence leveling increases the speed faster, not to negatively impact game play.


That may be harmful to players that find Oort on their own and join without any existing friends. It would be easy to overcome as a griefer too- Simply spam friend requests or invite fellow griefers to the game and you’re around the system.

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I don’t think so, because the main variable would be player level. It would be just like any other game where you start slow and your abilities get better as you earn your way. Eventually, the number of friends you have would not increase speed at all. That is just a way for speed up a little sooner for known good players.

The friends list is ideal, because the friend is taking some responsibility for the user.

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An opposite approach could be taken, too. If all players started at the basic level of trust, offenders could be “flagged” for toxic behavior and have their trust level reduced, nerfing their rate of building, travel, and breaking. This nerf lasts until they regain trust by playing normally. This way, players don’t feel like they’re on new player probation unless they do something to actually cause grief.


The problem with that is -

  • a) You’d have to see them griefing to flag them. To date I’ve only caught one griefer.
  • b) What is to stop griefers flagging you and getting your rank reduced?

True, it is idential in function. But most users would see that as a penalty stick (negative), while have friends is simply a bonus perk (positive). Also, malicious players could use that feature to grief innocent players.

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@Ardos some thoughts:

  1. The devs would have to build some kind of player-tracking report on the back end, so you could immediately pull up a list of who’s been where during a certain time period, and what they were doing
  2. One flag has no effect, only when multiple users flag you does it start to matter

Talking about griefing in general:

This is a pretty comprehensive overview:

And this guy’s response is aggressive, but fair:


One great quote from the Imitation Game is that people are violent because they enjoy the rush they get from it. Take away the satisfaction and they will go away.

If the sky was the limit, the ultimate griefer prevention is to be able to instantly undo any damage they do. That is probably not practical to implement, but it would stop most griefing or at least make griefing less of an issue.


@Tahru Yes, agreed. I’ve just been watching a MC griefing video, from the griefers POV, where they convince someone over Skype to give them access to his server, then they just go in and obliterate the place. You can tell it’s a huge adrenaline rush for the griefers – just like many arsonists in real life.

Being able to instantly undo their work is the best option (broken window theory) ((in-depth read here)), but how does that work exactly?

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It is possible to create anti-griefing server modifications that allows damage rollback caused by individual (or at least in minecraft) like article that @DarkRepulsor shared earlier mentions, but of course we´re talking about Oort Online here. Also there could be 1,000 or more players at certain world doing all different things like killing titans and I don´t believe that any undoing of damage caused by griefing could be done without somehow affecting all players.

One option could be player moderators, but without higher power monitoring them could lead to abusing their power.

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There a possibility of a “cheap undo” feature. If we assume that beacons are the primary anti-griefing mechanic and that all areas outside of beacons will regenerate over time (both are true), then a player could request from a game administrator that the regeneration of a particular area is accelerated. The administrator would zone in, look at the greifed area and presto change-o, peace restored.

I dont see how that would change anything a grieifer could easily walk make a beacon and all that then just go grief and making a griefer play the game right isn’t going to stop them and this just seems a little frustrating for new players that just want to play

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That is a tricky slope. If a player plops down a beacon and decided to build something ugly, that is not really griefing unless there was malicious intent, which is near impossible to prove. We are just going to have to live with that use case.

However, users will be limited to the number of beacons that they can have. And beacons should not be that easy to obtain. A bonus plan would make it so that beacons cannot be reclaimed (only destroyed) once placed therefore imposing a cost to using beacons for griefing…

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Interesting. Whilst maybe not possible - it’s always nice to know that the ideal solution is. (But maybe it is possible.)


Maybe we go wider and allow players to place a block / item that triggers the world regen sooner. Player plants a special seed (say!) and the chunk is pushed to the front of the regen queue.

I’m sure this is also somehow open to griefing / manipulation.


When game officially starts.
Go to highest tier world aka the most dangerous one (if we have tiered worlds based by difficulty)
Problem solved, no new players that want to ruin game by causing harm when there is 10 titans walking around my house.

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