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EDIT: wonderstruck has created an official site for their maps too:

I’ve got a map website up and working at this point. You can check it out here:

Features include:

  • Over-map showing all the planets created by Dumaru. Planets are arranged according to the Portal Seekers gateway layout. You can click the planets to go to a specific planet’s map. There is a button in the top left of the planet map to go back to the over-map.
  • Maps for all 48 planets (They are low resolution but can help you get around)
  • Label at the bottom showing the boundless N/E coordinates where the mouse is currently pointing. If the mouse is not on the window, the coordinates for the center of the screen are shown.
  • Button top left “Search Coordinates” - lets you specify the planet and N/E coordinates from in-game. The map will switch to the right planet, pan to the location, and place a marker. Click the button again and hit cancel to clear the marker
  • Windows x64 desktop client which reads your current player name and location from the boundless game and sends it to the website for anyone to see. The website shows markers on the map for any players running the client to anyone looking at the site. Note This desktop client does NOT require administrator privileges. It has been tested by VirresSs, Eldwen and Combyte, and many others without issues :smile:
  • “Follow Player” button at the top which lets you specify a player name. It will switch to the planet that player is on and automatically follow that player’s marker. Click the button again and hit cancel to stop the following. If the player is not using the desktop client then you’ll get some red text at the top.
  • “Show Regions” button in the top right which shows an outline of where all the regions on each planet are located. This is useful for hunts as meteors are triggered by travelling to regions.
  • 300 block grid lines are displayed as well when “Show Regions” is enabled. This is useful for hunts as meteors are also scheduled when someone enters any grid space.
  • The maps show all in-game settlements as stars. Capital cities are marked with a special yellow star. If you hover over a city, it will show the planet rank of the city, and the universe rank in brackets. Settlement names, locations, and ranks update roughly every 4 hours.
  • Maps now show the location of the Portal Seekers gateway on each planet using our logo, so that new players are able to find and join civilisation more easily.
  • Url parameters for directly linking locations. You can include a title for the location you are linking. For example the Portal Seekers HQ on Grovidias Te is here:
  • Url parameters also let you link directly to players. For example if I’m online, you can find me here:

Try it out and let me know what you think. inb4 there’s a patch tomorrow and it breaks my desktop client…

Original Post

So, I’m curious if I’m allowed to do this. I don’t think it’s malicious but I want to make sure the devs don’t view it differently.

I made a map using google maps API (EDIT: I’m using OpenLayers now), and I made it update a marker with my current location in-game. Here’s a video of it:

I would like to expand on this project, but I don’t want to continue if I’m breaching the EULA or something… I’m not a lawyer so reading that stuff is confusing for me. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong and I’ll stop.


I hope this is allowed. Omg


wow that is really good, and I hope this can be expanded upon.

Good work, interesting idea :slight_smile:

(just curious) how did you get your current location out of the game?


I read it from the game’s memory. No writing involved, but yeah, I’m wondering if that’s OK or not…
I’d post the exact code but I don’t want to share it until I know it’s allowed :S. I can send the code in PM if you want.


I don’t “think” it would be disallowed… but I cant answer you that now. And yeh, I’m really curious, I’ve never played with that sort of stuff before, so send it to me please! :slight_smile:


That looks amazing! I always used to use dynmap a ton when playing on Minecraft servers, so that looks very familiar and useful!


You accept mapping jobs i pay well let me knoW could use this for my vilage great stuff last time i saw one it was to far zoomed out to be usefull oh btw @Simoyd ive seen the statue is out off its suports its looking alazing must be the bigest in the gale at moment :slight_smile:

I’m curious how you made the actual map, not so much the updating your position but the Google map itself. Do you have any links to a guide or anything you could share?


Did you find a way to request chunks from the game servers? Or was it something else? @Simoyd

Just a guess; The texture that is used on the planets? Seems like the same amount of detail, or am I mistaken?


Yes, it’s the planet texture when looking from sanctum.

The resolution you see in the video is as good as it gets sadly.

I will open-source the entire process once I’m sure it’s allowed, until then I think it’s best for me not to include too many details. (Although it only took me 3-4 hours to setup the above video anyways).

I think I can get the current region name and town name (and beacon name even) from memory too. My plan is to send that to a server using a client EXE written in C# (which does not require admin privileges). The server can then keep track of the minimum and maximum coordinates for each region and send a marker via AJAX to the webpage to show a marker in the middle of the known region area (with the name in the tool-top). Not sure how much of this I’ll be able to complete today but I’ll give it a try. Should be up and running by the weekend I think.

Mac is another story though. I don’t own a mac so I would need some help doing a client EXE for that. In theory .net core should work but I’ve never used a mac in my life before so I have no idea. Should still be able to use a mac for the webpage though.

On the webpage I want to have a player search, and let the user type in boundless coordinates and it will zoom there. So that people can do most things without the client too.

I’m at work right now, I’ll send it to you when I get home =D


What if the client and server used web sockets or TCP, and each client updated on the server in real time. Then you would be able to have a live map with player markers for whoever is running the client.

yup, that’s the plan =D


Thanks so much for this! its awesome~

Got all the planets. Waiting for the DNS to go live and I’ll link to the maps. Location tracking stuff is still in-progress.


Have you tested what happens at 0,0 coordinates, when you go over the world wrapping?

yup, it just loops. It’s not actually a “planet”, it’s a square. like the old asteroids game, if you go off one side you just pop back on the other.

We went around the world once hunting on Tuesday evening.

Ok - so you are not stitching the edges together to make it seamless? Would be a cool feature if you could, although not an issue if not!