Market UI Machine


Just have an idea want to share,
I believe a lot of players really don’t like running around to find the items on current econ system.
This why a lot of mall come out, but still its a nightmare to find the items you need.

My suggestion is a marketing UI machine design like a monitor, so it can also be part of the decoration in the house as well. A market UI machine allow players to list and find the items. Players who are listing the items can also write down the shop name as well. So players only need to promote their shop with big sign or blocks design in every active city.

The current situation is like we can write the sell list with sign for sure, but usually its small and hard to get people’s attention. Or players more rely on discord or forums to promote their shop. With the market ui machine, players can list the items on the UI, and promote the shop with Sign. I believe it can change the shopping experience to next generation.

Also devs can improve the global chat channel with less condition for players to use. This will allow players to ask question and shops location easier, and make the game looks more active for new players.


That would be convenient, however you have to keep in mind that this game has a certain primal/old fashioned/tribal feel to it. Putting hi tech consoles and shop gadgets would really be inappropriate. Instead, a solution has to be proposed that makes sense in that world. Things like shouting in chat instead of actually chatting planetwide are good examples of this system. That is what makes this game special. Otherwise it would be just another mmo clone.


Why not list all shop stands of the planet automatically?
Filterable by item and tint, ordered by either price, quantity or distance.
One click on the entry adds the location of the shop stand too you custom location tracker.

Optionally players can place a location signal in their shop to add some directions on how to reach the shop like: PS Biitula 2nd row west. All shop stands within x distance will display that information on their market board entry.


i like to have an in-game mechanism (similar to boundlesstrade) where we can search for shops selling a specific item.

I suppose a craft-able machine, which a character can interact with,
then it’ll list all items (can be filtered. same as the knowledge section).
If we click the item, it could list the planet names, settlement names, prices and coordinates of a shop stand selling the specific item.


Having a board, something like an oortian ouija board where ghosts of ancestors scan the aether in order to deliver prices to the known worlds, (wrap it in a bit of lore y’know lol) would be reasonable no?


I think the global chat system can help new players more, it will be easier for them to ask question, or find a nice guild to join. Now day not every newbie planet has a lot of active players, for example the poor US west Minorengle server, its pretty dead. If new people born there, it maybe hard for them to find a living one.

Also I need to make clear on the market ui system i mention, it only list the item for sell / buy plus shop name, but players still need to walk to that shop to buy what they need.

The other idea is system can provide you shop token, so you can travel to that planet and teleport to shop.
I think it will save a lot of time to hunting the item you need. and provide players more freedom to play the economic.