Mass craft - one click for 30 stacks please


Can we pleease get a 1 button click to mass craft 30 stacks on PS4? Maybe a longpress of X crafts the max number of an item. Clicking x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x is detrimental to the game’s quality of life on console.


Yeah, this has been suggested many times (myself included), but we’ve never heard a peep from the devs about this. It seems like such an incredibly easy way to improve the QOL of this game! It’s honestly the one thing that’s preventing my from getting GC.


One day, they’re going to surprise us with a major QoL update patch.

We will collectively proceed to lose our ever loving minds.



Laughs in autoclicker


Cries in PS4


I know pc players are using autoclicker… im not one of those… and yes i hate to click 2000 times my mouse 1 when im turning trunks to timber example.

Im not sure whats the deal here… cause this has been brought up multiple times… never rly got any answer from the devs.


I completely agree with this. It’s been asked for for a very long time. It seems like such a tiny feature to implement. At this point it feels like they’re not implementing it for a reason, but if that’s the case, why don’t they tell us what that reason is? :confused:


Yeah devs, what gives? I’m sure one of the fans could code this feature if needed lol.

Since you guys nerfed rock craft exp, at least give us 1-click max craft :heart:


I think one of the reasons why they havent added it actually is the exp gain.


Im confused, what xp gain? I’m guessing you mean currently people don’t bother, and with one-clicks they will be more inclined to do so, and gain more xp?


I mean if you go mining example. Come back with 10k rocks… i think most people are going to think “no way im gonna make stones out of those”… cause it reguires lots of clicking.

So yes what you said… just explained one skenario


Gotcha. I tend to save up from 3-4 runs, then just do 1 giant RSI-crafting run.

My fingers don’t like me very much.


Thats my pain too. Real pain, finger joints hurting when processing stones.
There was a nice solution in other game, changing the button with SHIFT key to 10x craft. I believe devs can find a good remedy for this.

That would be really a small thing making the crafting experience so much better, like the filters/search.


Exactly that.


James said if we all buy gleam club he will add this feature.


then I am buying it today.


If the expectation is that we all get arthritis because rocks give too much exp just remove exp from rocks entirely and give us shift-click 30 stacks.


It’s not just rocks though. People can basically print money with serpenserindi gleam and a minter already, I imagine the only thing holding some people back from doing more if it is the 30 million clicks or X-presses required.

Personally, I just mint (trash can) my rocks if I’m not actually going to craft anything out of them because I cant be bothered with all the clicking, i find more rewarding/enjoyable ways of leveling and making the coin I need. I’ll never be rich but hopefully I also wont have arthritis in a few years time.


The PC playerbase (and with the right equipment, PS4 too I believe) has access to autoclickers which effectively give them the functionality already. I’m not sure if it would really have such a big effect on the economy that warrants the physical damage and pain such repeated actions can cause. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t like workarounds, but will probably try that. Any specific one recommended?
Thanks for the tip.